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Standardisation of Telephone and Internet Codes 2018


Prime Minister: Hiram Land
Prime Minister Delegate: Markkus Byld (H) (D)
94183 Milhouse Avenue, Greenfield, HL GJ3 H8F

Esteemed UNOE Parliament Delegates,

As the Delegation of the Argentinstan to our UNOE Parliament has offered us the bill to standardise timezones, our Delegation requests that the same occur to the codes that our Telephone and Internet systems have.

Upon this day, our Delegation has agreed to send fourth this law, as it is a important need, since our Regional codes for internet and telephones aren't up to date, or made already regionally.

ARTICLE I: Telephone Standardisation

  • Telephone codes are defined as the number at the start of a telephone number. (e.g. +1-425-646-74)

  • Telephone codes nationally is at the discretion of the member states involved.

  • Those who wish to change their telephone codes, however, may apply to do so in a new Ministry, the Ministry of Standardisation, which may be explained later in this bill.

  • Current telephone codes are to be registered in the Ministry of Standardisation, and member states have up to 60 days to do so.

ARTICLE II: Internet Standardisation

  • Internet codes are defined as the end point of a website URL. (e.g.

  • Internet codes are only to be registered to the Ministry of Standardisation, unless they count as restricted.

  • Government internet codes are to end with .unoe (e.g.

  • Government internet codes are defined as used by universities and schools, regional and national government minstries, departments and facilities, military, local government ministries, departments and facilities, and any other website that is to be used for government purposes, regional or otherwise.

  • Current internet codes are to be registered within 120 days.

ARTICLE III: Standardisation Ministry

  • The Ministry of Standardisation (or MoS), is to be lead by the Minister of Standardisation, to be determined by the Prime Minister.

  • The MoS will consist of a Department of Directors, to be lead by the Minister of Standardisation, and may have 15 members, 5 from Argentinstan, 5 from Hiram Land, and 5 from the home country where the Minister of Standardisation lives.

  • The Minister of Standardisation must not come from Hiram Land or Argentinstan, to balance out the Department of Directors.

  • The MoS is to take charge of internet and telephone codes, and how they are managed.

  • The MoS will also consist of the Department of Internet Standardisation and the Department of Telephone Standardisation, to help manage the tasks given.

  • The MoS is to be treated like any other regional Ministry.

  • The member states of the UNoE, while having to comply with the DIS and the DTS, can join the MoS as a member state. Their joining is optional.

This is something that is needed for the standardisation of the codes that the Internet and Telephone has in the UNoE, because without it there may be a major issue with standardisation of these things in the future.

Written at the Office of the UNOE Prime Ministry Representative, 9392 Mark's Avenue, Ramvarkistan, Oostwaards, HL G5G JG3, on this day, the Twentieth of the Twelth Month of the Eighteenth Year of the Second Millenium.

The Republic of Hiram Land