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Repeal: The WA Elite

[OOC: To the World,

I'll be endeavouring to keep a log of WA Elite incidents, post "Condemn L.D."

This will be under construction for a while, depending on how accommodating my IRL schedule is. My hope is to keep it as current as possible]

Who are the WA Elite?

It's a good question and, yes, there's no perfect model to accurately sum it up. That said, we're going to give it a shot for you:

  • WA Nations: Obviously, a prerequisite for being in the WA Elite is actually being in the World Assembly itself - or is it...?

  • Non-WA Nations: Some nations outside the halls of the World Assembly are very vocal about General Assembly and Security Council matters. These nations, particularly, are prominent members of the WA Elite - why worry about something that just simply doesn't apply to you? Nations who influence the World Assembly without actually bothering to commit to it should certainly be asked that question.

  • Older Nations: "Respect your elders" is a sentiment that should hold holds true in NationStates. Nations with larger populations often have a voice that's respected by the community. They've been in this world longer and should be are wiser. Experience is invaluable when it comes to World Assembly deliberations and, more often than not, an older nations' opinions are thrown to the forefront of any debate.

  • Government Nations: Similarly, wise nations often exist in positions of power. Regional officers and other regional government officials often carry much weight with the masses, and have an instant advantage if wanting to become concerned with World Assembly shenanigans.

  • Nations with NS Roles: One particular Issues Editor who operates frequently on the forums immediately springs to mind. The General Secretariat too - although, in our opinion, some are far more elite than others. These nations, too, have an advantage when dealing with the World Assembly, particularly as most are represented with their nation name in a different colour (honestly, that just strikes fear among the commons!).

  • The Badge-Hunters: In a telegram to delegates, we outlined that any nation who authors a resolution is arguably a badge-hunter. So, where to draw the line? Well, there's a nation having authored one (1) resolution, then there's a nation having authored twenty-six (26) resolutions. Now, surely, that's suspicious. Why would a nation feel the need to author that many proposals? In any case, nations with so many proposals under their belt have a huge impact on proceedings and certainly contribute to the WA Elite's membership.

  • BASICALLY, ANY NATION: But, look, at the end of the day, it really comes down to this simple rule: any nation can become part of the WA Elite, if that nation so chooses to involve itself heavily with the affairs of the WA. That, we think, is probably the most accurate and to-the-point definition you'll get.

"So, that makes Jocospor part of the WA Elite, right?"

Yes. It absolutely does. We're part of what can be termed the WA Elite. The difference, then? Well, as they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em - until you can beat 'em. We're the elite that stands against the elite. We actively seek to break down the current structures and replace them with new and improved ones. We've no tolerance for pretence. We can't stand that democracies operate so only outwardly, when in fact behind the closed doors they're corrupt dictatorships. At least you know what you're getting when you deal with the Imperial Empire or its Confederation.

How to Deal with the WA Elite

In our dispatch The True World Assembly, we advocated for nations to resign from the World Assembly or, more preferably, unendorse their WA Delegates:

    "But what can I do?"

    A difficult question, indeed. As you can clearly see, you as the individual nation has very little power when it comes to voting in the World Assembly. You could always abstain from votes, or even leave the World Assembly, but then that only makes things easier for the big delegates.

    The best we can recommend is for you to unendorse your regional delegates. Take their power away. Show them how loved their little games really are. Of course, in the case of founderless regions, this will no doubt be problematic. Perhaps, then, its time for you to elect a new delegate to represent your region... Don't do it for us, do it for yourselves. Get some of your power back.

    Change begins with the first nation.

That said, times change and so do opinions. Right now, we believe that the best course of action is to hold a delegate to a strict voting scheme, one with no loopholes. No ifs, no buts. A democratic region's vote should be determined by its people, not its delegate.

Of course, the Confederation itself is a slightly different can of worms - but after all, we didn't ever profess to be holier than thou, democratic or fair, did we? That's the problem with the WA Elite: they pretend they're what they are, when in fact they're not. We wonder: Why not just come out and admit what you are?

Incidents of the WA Elite
Post September 25 2018

This is a register of the dealings and obstructions of the WA Elite, as chronicled by the Imperial Empire and Confederation. We'll be trying to keep this as current as possible but, obviously, it's unrealistic for anyone to expect an Imperial commentary on every submitted, defeated and passed resolution. We'll focus on what's important and, well, what's simply the most shocking.

[DEFEATED] Condemn Lord Dominator
Forum thread | "The True World Assembly"

Enough's enough. Whether you believe Lord Dominator is worthy of a condemnation or not, this has to stop.

Let's reconstruct for you what's happened so far:

  • Condemn Lord Dominator launched a few days ago. It quickly reached quorum, despite some initial opposition on the forums, and was at first quite popular.
    As of now, it remains most popular, with twice the number of individual nations voting for than against.

  • Lord Dominator seemed quite receptive to the idea of obtaining a "badge" for itself. Thus, it instructed influential delegates to vote for.
    When we say influential delegates, we're primarily talking about L.D.'s cronies, led by Imperium Anglorum, Delegate for Europe.

  • The vote remained for for some time - though there was opposition, an approximate one thousand votes stood between both sides. And then things started to flip...

  • Imperium Anglorum; Altinsane, Delegate for Osiris; and Wabbitslayah, Delegate for The Rejected Realms; all corrected their votes to against.
    L.D. followed up the swing in votes with the following statement on the forums: "Well, it was fun while it lasted to maybe get a Condemnation[.] Go forth and cause some greater failure my friends[.]"

  • Thus, the vote stands currently with against in front by a mere three hundred votes.

"Why, though?" you might ask. "After all, I.A. and the others were acting on L.D.'s express wishes, weren't they?" Well, we thought so too. Unless, of course, there was a greater plan...but we wouldn't dare speculate on the specifics of that.

What we can expose is this horrific neglect for the democratic process. You have nations - worse, the targeted nation - acting in a coalition for reasons unrelated to the resolution.

- Votes should not be cast so that L.D. can or can't get a shiny badge.
- Votes should not be cast because of some belief that this is a "tit-for-tat" resolution in response to SC#263. (N.B. Briefly on that: it isn't, which is probably very hard to believe. But had the Confederation been seeking revenge for SC#263, it would have acted entirely differently - targeting the nation which gave L.D. the idea for the liberation, for example.)
- Votes should not be cast to spite the proposing nation.
- Votes should not be cast to align with the irrelevant wishes of powerful coalitions.

For the record, we weren't ever interested in Lord Dominator's raiding career. We were interested in exposing this voting alliance, the same voting alliance that we've been harping on about for years.

Well, here it is, at work, in Condemn Lord Dominator, just as it has been at work in a plethora of other resolutions. And its actions, as you can see, are grossly unjust.

SCR#271: Repeal 'SCR#1: Condemn Macedon'
Official WA Resolution | Forum thread

We'll keep it short and snappy: the current resolution at vote, Repeal SCR#1: Condemn Macedon is as blatant as badge hunting gets.

Everyone accuses us of this all the time, so we've done our research and become quite the authority on spotting a good ol' badge hunt. We'll show you how it's so - look, the authors have been audacious enough to actually put it in the proposal:

The WA Elite makes a mockery of you all. This is just another instance where they'll needlessly strike out a resolution just because they can - in this case, a resolution of huge historical import.

We encourage you to vote against this and for you to instruct your regions likewise. Pin this dispatch and end this insult.

SCR#272: Condemn United World Order
Official WA Resolution | Forum thread

We didn't make much of a comment on this at the time, and will be brief now. We've reason to believe that the author of SCR#272, The Macabees, also controls the resolution's target, United World Order (U.W.O.). The Confederation's Delegate's Office received a telegram from the U.W.O. requesting a switch of vote. That request also claimed that the resolution was one of role-play.

Using the World Assembly for role-play? Really?

If that's the case, SCR#272 was a complete and utter waste of the Security Council's time.

We've since received clarification that The Macabees and United World Order are not controlled by the same player. That said, we're yet to hear convincing evidence that this wasn't an role-play condemnation conducted between players a few players. Until that can effectively be ruled out, and it be proven that SCR#272 had some sort of global relevance, our concerns with this resolution still stand.

The Shadow Cult of Jocospor