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[ARCHIVED] Voltarium on the war with the NPO


[strike]These past few weeks have been... interesting. Several GCRs and UCRs have declared war on [region]The Pacific[/region], or the New Pacific Order. The NPO has been doing a number of things against their allies, and fellow GCRs, such as;[/strike]

[strike][color=#ffcc00]The New [region]Lazarus[/region] Order coup of 2015[/strike]

[strike]The harbouring of certain individuals such as 94 Block and Attero[/strike]

[strike]The infiltration and subversion of [region]Osiris[/region] and [region]Lazarus[/region][/color][/strike]

[strike]I am friends with many in these regions, and I hate seeing my friends hurt.
The NPO are a cruel, backstabbing dictatorship, that just want to stir up trouble. 
I would like to call my citizens to arms, to fight back against this menace, and rid NationStates of this cruel dictatorship.[/strike]

[strike][color=#ffcc00][i]Honoris Ceratum![/i][/strike]
[strike]-Emperor Vampereo III[/b][/color][/strike]

The Imperium of Vamperiall