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[ARCHIVED] Voltarium on the war with the NPO


These past few weeks have been... interesting. Several GCRs and UCRs have declared war on The Pacific, or the New Pacific Order. The NPO has been doing a number of things against their allies, and fellow GCRs, such as;

The New Lazarus Order coup of 2015

The harbouring of certain individuals such as 94 Block and Attero

The infiltration and subversion of Osiris and Lazarus

I am friends with many in these regions, and I hate seeing my friends hurt.
The NPO are a cruel, backstabbing dictatorship, that just want to stir up trouble.
I would like to call my citizens to arms, to fight back against this menace, and rid NationStates of this cruel dictatorship.

Honoris Ceratum!
-Emperor Vampereo III

The Moo Minister of Vamperiall