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Democratic Elections

Democratic Elections
The Great Council has decided to reinstate Democratic Elections.
All parties not listed in the Democratic Act of 2018 will be allowed to run.
Elections will be held every 2 years and 1 president can have 4 terms.
Presidential Elections will be held December 15, 2018 and this will be national holiday where everyone must be off except 911 dispatchers or government workers which will have elections in their workplace.
There will also be a mid-election calling for an approval vote. If the approval rating is below 5%, the president will be impeached and the vice president will assume office.
The voting system that will be used is called Single Transferable Vote. It is best explained by a person named CGP Grey: LinkYouTube Link
This can prevent a Two-Party system.
If it ends up as a Two-Party system (where two parties are dominant) those two parties must stay out of the next two presidential elections.
Campaigning on Television is not allowed.
Invasive types of campaigning is not allowed and campaigner will fined BE50,000 (200,000 US Dollar)

Signed: The Great Council