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UPBC chronicle ISSUE #4

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  • Interview with Delegate Erskiellander!

  • UP paralympics are going strong!

  • Christmas is nearing!

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INTERVIEW WITH Erskiellander

Interviewer: Daunlaund

Q: How did you get into ns?

A: Well, I was reading books of Max Barry and decided to check some of his other work, and this showed up.

Q: And what ideas surfaced about your nation?

A: A free union of monarchies living as a single entity, sometimes in personal or full unions.

Q: How did you find the Universal pact?

A: I was contacted by New Wolvers, who introduced me to the pact. I knew it for about 2 months and tried to get the region I was in to construct embassies, but it went south so I decided to join the UP.

Q: What were your first imprssions?

A: At first I was really confused about the systems, but when I learnt how it was all working, I was very impressed and thought about how to invest myself in the region.

Q: When the party system came in you decided to found your own party, what was behind that?

A: Well, "Federalist" was a not-so-subtile nod to the Hamiltonian Federalist Part of Early USA, but for the party itself, it was mostly a wish to bring the UP to the forefront of the inter-regional scene.

Q: And tell me, what before through your head when you were elected delegate?

A: Well, This was my very first post in a region's administration, and I was quite proud of the party and myself.
But, I was immediatly hit by all of the backlash of the attempt to trick the election by Viv.

Q: What do you have in mind for the regions future?

A: I hope that the UP will one day be able to surpass the Large Regions and illustrate a different way to rule.

Q: And what are we going to be doing in the current?

A: Constructing a larger Embassy network could be a smart idea, but we should also aim towards expanding the region's population itself.

Q: Thanks for your time, but before you go, could you give us a message for all our readers?

A: I'd like to take a moment to thank Daunlaund, Havadar and New Wolvers for helping me, each in their way, to reach this Delegate Office. If it wasn't for them, I would not be the leader that I am now. Also, Thanks to Vivami for teaching me how to handle an electoral crisis because of his attempt of a coup d'état.

The Paralympics are in full strength and we are one week in. Currently leading the medal table as of the 9th of December are Saint pedro

medal table as of December 9th 2018
The games are being held in Razgrad, Havadar and are the first Paralympic games in Universal Pact. The next events are the UP cup, held in Saint pedro, and the Olympic Games in Ambelviser later in 2019! We in the UPBC highly recommend you join if you are in the UP!

Nations have started bidding for the UP Olympic winter games 2019 nations that have applied are:

  • West Ankara

  • Erskiellander

  • Latuaras

  • Pace e Saggezza

    In other news, leaders from around the Utopian continents have gathered in Advacha, Cansilica, for the annual UP summit. Among the leaders are Daunlaund's chancellor, Havadar's president, West Ankara's Marshall and Cansilica's prime minister. The summit has taken place in the royal palace of Cansilica.

    We will be looking back at the Paralympics, giving info on elections (which were moved back), and telling you who won the bid for the UP Winter Games 2019.

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