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The Karakorum Convention

This document is known as The Karakorum Convention, which entails bringing Khanbaliq Mongolia and Entenistan into a state of mutually beneficial friendship and cooperation, as well as all others who decide to sign the Convention
The Convention's terms are as follows:

1.) All nations who sign this document are brought into accordance with all the terms of the agreement as stated below

a) Failure to adhere to these terms will result in ejection from the Convention with immediate effect

2.) All nations who adhere to the pact hereby enter a state of non-agression towards all other nations of the Pact

a) All nations of the Convention will hereby enter a state of mutually beneficial friendship and cooperation with one another

b) This state of non-agression will ensure nations who signed the agreement the promise of free trade between nations, as well as cooperation within specialist fields, such as Science, Research, and border control

3.) All nations who adhere to the agreement hereby ensure defence and support of all signing nations who come under the threat of attack or are subject to natural disasters

a) Aid for said threatened nations can range from emergency and humanitarian aid, to shipping of supplies (such as food, weapons, munitions) and military assistance

b) This state of mutually assured defence will also be beneficial for the signing nations armed forces in ways of training, weapons and tactics exchange and joint operations and exercises


Grulain Curronfold
Chancellor of the Supreme Judiciary
on behalf of


His Imperial Majesty, Bartholomew Khan, Khanbaliq Mongolia

Sultan Haji Al'ahaad
Sultan Abdhul Alamein,

Conduc'ator Alex Mihalache, The Iron Legion of Takkonia

Emperor Damon I, Comein

High Commander James Winston
on behalf of
Prince Henry Martinus, North Emestia