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The Horrific History Of Nukecon

After the Event of WWI A leader called Adolf Hitler took over Germany and in this crisis a hateful movement was created. After the invasion of Poland Hitler set his sights on a new country, also known as Bavaria. Adolf Hitler gave plans to invade Bavaria, Bavaria was set to go to war with Hitler and his horrific grip on their beloved country. They fought hard against the Nazi threat, but to no avail could they stand in the path of the Nazi Eagle. After this long and hard fought battle, Hitler saw the people's hard work in defending their nation, so he set up a puppet government in Bavaria. However when the new leader was sworn in as the Führer he defied Hitler and did it through manipulation and politics. This proved even more effective as Hitlers mental Health was falling at a rapid decline. The new Führer renamed the new nation Nukecon after the fateful destruction of the polish government. The Germans were now waging war on the Soviet Union, the new puppet country of Nukecon were forced to send vollunteers to fight on the border. Meanwhile in Nukecon, Gerhard Günter (The Führer) was negotiating to the allies in order to decimate the Nazi Eagle of Destruction. Many of Gerhard Günter's Command Officers planned an Invasion into the German Reich, they also sent bombers to destroy many strategic points of the Nazi's Production. This knocked out the gun industry of Germany making an invasion imminent. The time was short the newly formed nation Of Nukecon has just announced an invasion and a treaty of joint co-operation with the allies. With Nukecon in the allies this set up the strategic deployment for the American's. They pushed hard through South-Eastern Germany soon meeting the Soviets. when they reached Berlin the Many nations against the Nazi's have finally crushed the German Reich. The Leader of Nukecon was in the Yalta conference meeting the felow leaders of the war. And now in 2018 Nukeman1st has been put into power by the people.