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CSRadio Begins Broadcasts

Listening to the radio has long been a favored pastime of the citizens of Dysmorphia. Indeed, television and the Internet offer visual components to the consumption of media, but as the nations of Dysmorphia have grown and cultivated their tastes, radio has always been a shared love for everyone. Each nation has numerous stations that encompass a wide range of topics and musical selections. However, few nations broadcast beyond their national boundaries.

With this in mind, the nations of Dysmorphia decided to pool their resources and create a region-wide broadcasting service, and for several years they worked to make it a reality. This service became known as Citizen Standard Radio (CSRadio).

The Dysmorphia Regional Office granted a broadcast license to CSRadio on 2018 November 16th with broadcasts to begin within three weeks. On 2018 December 7th, the transmitters were finally switched on and CSRadio began to fill the airwaves. With a host of offerings that aim to appeal to the region at large, CSRadio will strive to offer informative and innovative programming with the high quality that the average Dysmorphian has come to expect from their radios.

Citizen Standard Radio: Always Innovative, Always On