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The Republic of Aheviso
Although, the republic of Narniala, agrees with your legislation #1, we disagree with your legislation #4. Allowing 18 year olds to drink is a bit ridiculous, considering that 18 year olds are seniors and high school graduates. Drunk driving could defiantly increase and behaviors in minors can get bad, more specifically violent behaviors. Not to mention how most 18 year olds still have undeveloped brains because they are still teenagers, alcohol doesn't help at all.

The People's Republic of Ausia1
The People's Republic of Ausia1 has what seems to be a good Nation State, and for the most part we agree with most of the bills made. There is one problem that needs to be addressed. That problem is there is a lot of bills, but there seems to be very little laws. The bills are good, but more laws are needed and those laws that are there need to be more understandable and clearer.

The People's Republic of Cargoffa
The People's Republic of Cargoffa have some solid laws, with the exception of two laws. Law three states "All citizens of Cargotta must serve time in the military at one point in their lives", we do not agree with this as there are many people who are simply not suited for the military. Also, one of the laws allow the usage of alcohol at 18 years old and as we've pointed out that isn't well.

The Constitutional Monarchy of HABECHA
The Constitutional Monarchy of HABECHA has some laws we do agree with, but other we don't. There is defiantly uniqueness in the laws which is appreciated, but one of the laws requires woman and men to serve in the military for 4 years, but some people aren't for the military. Four years is also a long time for these people. Law six isn't very well either as some people can't afford to give up 10%.

The Republic of Outer Spase
The Republic of Outer Spase has a potential of being a strong nation state. The bills and laws passed are strong, some need a little more clarification but they are still good. The transportation bills are good and we completely agree with them. The only problem is that they are a bit plain, but that is okay. Also 8 and 9 year old shouldn't have to use a booster seat, but everything else is fine.