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The Lezran Assembly

Nations of Lezra,

NOTING that the continent of Lezra and its islands near it have hosted a series of unending wars where millions of people have died,

BELIEVING that if a global organization that ensures peace is not formed, the whole of Lezra will be destroyed horribly,

HOPES to establish such a global organization which promotes and ensures peace across the entirety of Lezra,

HEREBY establishes the Lezran Assembly(LA) under the following:

1. That the Lezran Assembly is defined as:

a) An organization created to ensure that Lezra does not fall into a world-ending war

b) An organization to mandate and enforce international laws upon its members, laws which aim to reduce the amount of violence, death and war in the world.

2. That its members are defined as:

a) Any form of a nation, whether a civil rights lovefest, to an autocracy

3. That its nations have the right to:

a) Propose and repeal any laws

b) Vote on any law proposed or repealed

c) Commend or Condemn any nation

d) Vote on any commendation or condemnation

INVITES all nations of Lezra to join this organization.

Credit to Kkplar Empire for some of the help