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"Daily" Quips with Quazzle

Disclaimer: this is not daily.
*Words fly in after each word is said* THIS. IS. DAILY QUIPS with QuazzleTheQaz.

Today on "DQ with Q", December 6th, 2018:

This afternoon, I have discovered the following things:
• I appear to be left-center, "Ok Liberal" jokes aside;
• Google News appears to also curate left-centered news sources for its headlines;
• Left-centered news articles seem to be easy to read—The Verge and their writing style is something I'd like to see outside of a tech news source.

Other things to note:
• I'm NOT a political person, mainly because I'm undereducated in such topics, and because I don't want to be political, per se.
• The ruder portion of the people at my school overshadow the nicer portion. This is due to the fact that everyone I'm around throughout the day have either caused controversy and drama, or are so stubborn as to not have a care in the world for others, with people wanting to cause fights/acting tough. This year, there's already a record number of fights at our school!
• My PSAT scores will come in around the 11th or 12th. There will be updates about this matter.
• My grades, not my GPA, are significantly better than last year—Only ONE C+ at the moment, and everything else is a B- or better. Palos Heights, I will get B- or better this Junior year, no questions asked, cross my heart, Scouts Honor, pinkie promise.

This concludes the first textcast…from DQ, this is Quazzle, signing off.