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2018 Winter Election Senate Candidates


For a Stronger and Freer Region

Senate Primary Results

Candidate for four incumbent seats:
Ormantum - 100% (29)
Baconbacon123 - 55.2% (16)
Maylande - 44.8% (13)
Dependants - 41.4% (12)

Candidates for any seat pickups:
Gerbralta - 31% (9)
Turnbull - 24.1% (7)



Ormantum is long-time Senator who has been dedicated to serving every Atlantican for a year and a half now. With his experience, he is prepared to serve the NWA with smarts and wit, but also with cooperation and understanding. He has ambitious plans for his fourth term and is prepared to work with Senators from every party to accomplish what needs to get done. He is eager to continue working with and for the Atlantican people.


Bacon is a veteran member of the region and has an extensive history of experience in the government. Serving as the General Assembly Speaker, Prime Minister/Delegate, and the Immigration Minister for three terms. He's ready to do good in the Senate by using his experience to his advantage in drafting, reading, debating, and voting on proposals. He has mentioned his interest in serving in the Senate previously and is now ready to take on the duties as a Senator.


Maylande finally made her mark on the Senate with her first term. Maylande has been a member of the NWA for more than a year and a half and has remained to be a dedicated member. Her time in the Senate has been marked with activity in regards to debating and voting. She plans to keep on serving in the Senate with activity and smarts.


Dependants is a long serving member of the Senate who for the entirety of his time serving the region has been extremely active & dedicated to his craft, never missing a vote and participating in many great debates as he always seeks to protect what he views to be the best for the NWA.



If you wish to contact any of these candidates don't hesitate to send them a telegram, or a message on Discord.