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How endorsing really works

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OOC: You may have come across the many dispatches about how to endorse and what are the benefits to endorsing. It seems that each major region has their own. Well I am going to explain how exactly a nation endorses another nation in the World Assembly (WA) and I will even drop in a little creative piece about it. Vieiwing this banner may be useful for visualising what I am talking about. nation=mzeusia?banner=wa1. Also, thanks Dilberta

IC: Firstly, the definition of endorse is to, "declare one's public approval or support of."

The WA has regional branches in some of the regions. Having one big assembly would not be practical. The rules in each regional branch differ slightly but I have outlined the most common. When a WA conference is in session, their is an allocated time in which any nation's representative can endorse a nation they have not already endorsed.

So that order is preserved and every nation's representative does not try to endorse a nation at the same time, the newest nations are announced alphabetically. Then any nation's representative can stand up and endorse that nation. There is no special statement that dictates the proper way to endorse a nation, but as long as the endorsement is keep reasonably short and unambiguous. The representative may also state a reason for issuing an endorsement of the nation, but that is not compulsory.

When all this had occurred, there is brief window for nations to endorse other nations that are not new to the WA. This proceedings follow the same pattern.

The Mzeusian delegate moved past the Dilbertuese delegate, giving him a smile. He then made his way to his desk, spotting the Mzeusian flag from across the room. He slid into his seat and waited for the proceedings to begin. The delegates from across The North Pacific moved to and fro, chatting lightly as they came in. It was in this grand room that they would discuss the many matters before them, and in time, they would likely cover all types of issue.

At one end, a dais was erected and on that, a polished white desk that looked as though it were made from marble, had room for three speakers. The leaders of this session took their place, and the proceedings began.

When the men and women gathered there, had gone through the necessary re-capping of events that had transpired since their last meeting, they reached the allocated time for endorsing. The Mzeusian delegate had been very proactive in previous sessions, and so he only had to endorse one nation. When that nation's name was called, he stood, calling clearly to their delegate. "I, as the representative from Mzeusia and on behalf of the Mzeusian government and the Mzeusian people, do endorse the nation in question."

The nation's delegate nodded, and the Mzeusian took his seat again. Another ally for Mzeusia.