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Sinterklaas Delivers to TSP!

As all good Beepeeans know, Sinterklaas is always watching.

For the past month Sinterklaas has been keeping a watchful eye on the South Pacific RMB and dutifully marking down which RMBers have been Naughty and which have been Nice.

It is a Beepeean tradition for a jolly, overweight, elderly man (known colloquially as Sinterklaas) to list the names of all Beepeean children categorised as either 'Naughty' or 'Nice'.

On 5 December, Sinterklaas visits the homes of all the children in the land. The 'Nice' children are presented with a thoughtful present, whereas the 'Naughty' children receive a lump of environmentally friendly Zero Emission Coal.

In moving with the modern era, this year, Sinterklaas has confirmed that the "Beepeean Naughty or Nice" List will be published and updated from 1 month prior to his visit.

(Note the list is closed for this year and Sinterklaas will be on the RMB on 5 December to hand out his thoughtful gifts)

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On 5 December, Sinterklaas paraded through the RMB dishing out thoughtful gifts for the nice children.

But, those unfortunate few who found themselves in the naughty list receive a lump of environmentally friendly Zero Emission Coal.

Gifts Given

East Sakhlin received an air conditioning unit going at full blast and his own baking show called "brownie bake off".

GreatEuropa received a bag of fries.

Sontsarstva received a refreshing glass of Midandian's Finest SPIT.

Si-topia received a new camera lens to allow her to take even more wonderful photos.

The Solar System Scope received a floofy blanket made of faux fur to keep him snuggly warm on the cold winter nights.

Alice Parker received an alibi for stealing all those jewels.

Aidenfieeld received a thousand special welcomes.

Yansu received some prey for his Anjanaths and some broccoli soup.

Concrete Slab received a buff and polish so he looks shiny and new.

The Sakhalinsk Empire received a beautiful new atlas to provide information on all his oblasts.

Altion received a soft and floofy pillow in the shape of a fox to help him feel comforted.

Hanguk-Nippon received a delicate set of fine bone China from which to sip his tea.

Volaworand received a delightful new dispatch for the Newswire.

Midand received a comfortable new chair upon which to sit and special silence breaker for those awkward moments.

Pencil Sharpeners 2 received a bundle of freshly trimmed bamboo to gnaw on.

Erinor received a day off work and some R&R.

North Prarie received a baseball signed by the Beepeean baseball team and a special participation trophy.

Tilipria received a box full of trivia questions for the next trivia sprawl.

Jaxon received his missing luggage, a cheque for the inconvenience and some product for his floofy hair.

New Haudenosaunee Confederacy received a DLC bundle for rocket league.

Auphelia received jewels and a gold crown, worthy of her holiness.

Vincent Field received what every little bro wants... a day without his big bro.

Lily Pad Nation received a new pond filled with fresh lily pads.

Linguiniland received a giant pack of oversized marshmallows.

Felis Silvestris Grampia received a ball of yarn and new scratchy board.

Ferry islands received a new ferry called "Ferry McFerryface".

073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121 received her own ship.

Ilovescience received a new chemistry kit with many wonderful experiments.

Zess received a flamethrower and some Kendall Mint Cake for his contingency box.

The Derpy Democratic Republic Of Herp received an award for friendliest poster which didn't need to be shared with anyone else.

East lodge received some sleeping tablets and a new animal ray gun.

US State Of South Carolina received a magic pen which makes people forget about that pageant answer.

Tsunamy received all our endorsements.

Techolandia received a handbook on 'how to get the first post on a duodecimal milestone page'.

For their terrorist acts, Le Front de Liberation du Midand found themselves on the naughty list and received a lump of zero emission environmentally sustainable coal. However, Sinterklaas took pity on them and also provided a nice glass of Midandian's Finest SPIT.