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Man yield to the Dark speaker.

A man known as Kenny Jemman from Francous yield to the Dark speaker in Boilza during annual Dark speaker speech, this man yield about he was saying "lies" and make the people of Olivus fool. people of Olivus don't believe the lies of this man! he just want to go aganist our Dark lord and our government, so we are going to teach him about our Dark lord. so don't worry and remember Dark is life!

Dark speaker expects drought in North Olivus.

The Dark speaker after the attack of the savage man. said that Olivus was going to get a drought in the next 4 months, he said it was because our lord wanted to punish us after our behavior with him in the past year and after many people attempt to destroy him, so he is going to show it's fury not only in Olivus, the unbelievers will pay respect and glory to our lord. he said, the best you can do now is praise him and leave big feast to him.


Search for Violetists.

During the past few years a plague called "Violetism" came to our Dark land. as you may know the people who believe in this religion are radical and unstable, so if you see a Violetist call the police. we are going to give proper studies and knowledge about the true religion! remember also to tell your friends about this Violetists. they are coming from this sacred land, but we can say NO! before is too late.