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Official UEC Dispatch - Official Statements on Lardyland

Official UEC Dispatch -
Author: The Holy Heiled Empire of Carstantinopipal
Date: December 4, 2018
Purpose: Official Statements on Lardyland
Preface - The history between The United Empires of Carson and Lardyland runs deep, with the current embassy being open for 267 days and the communities mingling frequently. However after a Vice-Delegate election technically won by All Banners Quest, Carstantinopipal's puppet, was reversed by the WA Delegate of Lardyland, Pinochet Executionists a argument over who should have won was started. After the argument had escalated, Carstantinopipal withdrew all his puppets from Lardyland and order the closure of embassies. This almost immediately launched Lardyland into damage control mode.

The Problem - Lardyland has changed drastically from its predecessor, with Lardyland being more government oriented than usual. The effects of which are now being seen. After the destruction of Spam by New Pacific Order Forces because of the deletion of their founder Captain Spam and failure to defend it using the WA Delegate spot the residents of Lardyland have seemingly worried of this possibility happening again. This change has had a increase of power for the WA Delegate, Pinochet Executionists, with much more pushing for members to join the WA and endorse him. While this issue isn't necessarily bad it set a poor precedent for the WA's purpose in Lardyland, which we see in Ballpit2 and his militarization of Lardyland. This militarization was rapidly increased when the war with The New Pacific Order started, with Ballpit2 suppressing or kicking dissenters. Lardyland also acts oddly when it comes to officers with them being randomly added or elected, this mix does not work. Not only does it devalue the elected position but it makes it so there is no real authority in the region other than the people that give them positions, it also puts people who don't actually want to improve the region have power making Lardyland almost stagnant when it comes to progress. This is suicide for what Lardyland wants to be.

The Solution - Lardyland used to be a great region, full of fun loving and jovial people who took joy in talking and joking to each other. This is how it should have stayed. The government has inadvertently caused corruption, with Pinochet Executionists having all power over the region and controlling any real power in the region. My way to fix this will now be listed and explained.
  • Create Official checks against Pinochet Executionist's Power.

  • Remove most, if not all Regional Officers.

  • Put Members who actually want to improve the Region in Power.

  • Make all Regional Officers Elected or Chosen, not a mix of both.

Create Official checks against Pinochet Executionist's Power: In order to prevent potential corruption from Pinochet Executionists checks must be made on his power, especially around who he can promote to Regional Officer and how he has final say over elections. The same could be done for Captain Lard put sense his position is permanent it would be inconceivable to even try to moderate it.

Remove most, if not all Regional Officers: There are many officers that aren't doing anything or that aren't improving the region. In order to make way for future improvements we should remove these officers, or a more extremist approach of removing all of them.

Put Members who actually want to improve the Region in Power: If Lardyland is going to have any regional officers at all they should be only be working to improve the region, this requires dedicated members to the region. They should not be there to start a army using your people, that's how you get used for power.

Make all Regional Officers Elected or Chosen, not a mix of both: The mix of regional officers being chosen by Captain Lard or Pinochet Executions has lead to the devaluing of elected officials. I would suggest a UEC style approach where one member is elected and that member chooses the rest, not only does this put officers at relativity low maintenance but it also stops officers from arguing within themselves while trying to improve the region.

Further Issues -
  • The Threats of getting Moderators involved in order to Win Arguments, and no this isn't "Flamebaiting" this is me bringing forth issues.

  • The Constant Disagreements between Captain Lard and Pinochet Executions, in the words of the Overseer's Chant,
    "Restrict an errant mind before it becomes fractious and divided. Can two enemies occupy the same body? No, for the first will direct it one way, and the second another, until they stumble into a ditch and its neck is broken. Likewise, two contrary thoughts cannot long abide in a man's mind, or he will become weak-willed and subject to any heresy."

  • Lardyland being subverted and used by other Powers, for example Lardyland's Military Leader is also in charge of "The Yeet Army" which allows them to use Lardyland Forces.

Final Notes - I truly do not want to close embassies with Lardyland, but I won't stand idly by while the region destroys itself. Closing embassies seems to be the only way to get Lardyland's attention, I wish it didn't come down to it though. I personally have attempted to help Lardyland and dedicated my personal time to doing so. After my supposed election to Vice-Delegate I took almost a hour instantly making a new WFE that worked, and that was just the beginning of my plan. I want to help Lardyland, but I don't want to watch it die either.

Official UEC Dispatch Update -
Author: The Holy Heiled Empire of Carstantinopipal
Date: December 4, 2018
Purpose: Final Statements on The Lardyland Incident

Update - The embassy closure has been cancelled and Ballpit2 was removed from Lardyland by Captain Lard, Pinochet Executionists has also been notified of Ballpit2's past with The Black Hawks. Pinochet Executionists has acknowledged the issues with elections and will most likely be working to establish actual rules. Captain Lard has decided to take back his region and will now presumably be fighting for it more. This series of events will from now on be referred to as, "The Lardyland Incident."

Closing Statements - I hope that this incident was worth the issues it caused, hopefully this brought enough awareness to the citizens of Lardyland to recognize the issues plaguing their fine region. Remember the famous Dr. Seuss quote, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”