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Wolf Animations

If your nation is mentioned, it goes with the “Avatar: The Last TWPer”

Hello, Hola, 你好, مرحبا, Bonjour, Hallo, שלום, Sawa, Здравствуйте, xin chŕo, こんにちは, Ciao

Show Info

First Episode Date:

Dumb History, March 17, 2018

Most Previous Episode Date:

Class Accounts December, 2018


Kaleo and Carson


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Videos In Progress:

School Stories

What is this?

Wolf Animations is the most popular television in the Afro Caribbean Republic. It covers a wide range of topics from The Crusades to School Stories, you will always find something that you have been looking for.


Wolf Animations will always find certain characters with the four main drawers and voice actors. They will always voice the characters needed for the animation as well as themselves as the narrator depending on the situation of the video. Here is the cast and their favorite character to play as:

Kaleo: Crusader and Andrew Jackson
Lilah: Isabella
Carson: Alien
Thomas (Ji Tao): Kaleo (voiced once), John Quincy Adams

About the Show

The show was founded on March 7, 2018 with two people in History Class, Carson and Kaleo. They quickly started drawing comics that would end up being in their main new section for the show, Dumb History. Dumb History was the main section of the show, and it was the part that they had fun with. The first video was about The Crusades. Then, they had the plan with the American Revolution, but that idea was quickly scrapped. Lilah joined into the group in May of 2018. She had interest with the group as well. They decided to spread their reaches past history, but not before they made a Marco Polo video. Then, with that done, they decided to spread their reaches past history. They did a book review on Bridge to Terabithia. That is when Thomas (Ji Tao) joined in. Videos usually take a month to prepare and record and set up, so for a month, they worked on School Stories. It is about ready to be released. The expected release date will be December 6th or 7th.

Here are the characters that they play as:

Carson: Himself, Alien, Deerfenland, Kublai Khan, Crusader, Magicality Kid #1, Tanabon, PE Teacher

Lilah: Isabella, George Washington, herself, Marco Polo, Life (Trailer) (Claimed), Crusader, Avatar Chervil

Kaleo: Himself, Andrew Jackson, Aerilia, Crusader

Ji Tao: Himself, Cooper the Bear (mentioned), Christian, Puczovska, Hong Kong Empire, Random Person