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The Shintochi Times February 2, 2029


The Shintochi Times

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Emperor Calls off Offensive Against the AoC
By Shintochi Times Editors

After the funeral of the victims of the January 26 assassination and the reinstatement of the former gov't officials into their old government positions, the New Emperor, Heia Tatsumoto withdraws the 34th, 45th, 38th, and 65th Federal Brigades from the New World Colonies and the offensive positions to attack Merlovich, leaving only 100,000 troops to defend the colonies. The Emperor says this is to gather their forces and ready for new offensive to liberate the former allies from The Angel of Charity.

Meanwhile, some rumors of sightings of the deceased Onosaka Shiro in the New World Colonies have reached the gov't. FSP Chief Gen. Saito Taiki says they will look into it and investigate the sightings. The Intelligence Division of the FSP says it is likely, not true. But, other gov't watchdogs say that these sightings are true but can't provide the evidence as to how this is real.

In other news, an anonymous leak site has published a new article containing a video of Emperor Heia meeting with an unknown man in the Monarchist Party Building. It also contained a list of large amounts of small loans going to the Monarchist party from an unknown source. The Imperial Office Spokesperson says that they will look into the accusations. Meanwhile, the candidate for Emperor and Representative of Kurigata Kawada Junzo says that this may be a sign of collusion and corruption if the loans and the meeting are not being brought into limelight.