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The RMB RP Map - Strangereal

Here are the maps of Puczovska and other nations.

If anyone would like to stake a claim in for some land on the map then TG Lotion Empire, New Trisone or Edwerlantin

Claims must be:
A1. Reasonable enough to be put onto the map. No beginner nation will be the size of Puczovska, or higher, for their claim. If you want more accurate claims and you have, beginner claims will have to be around 30k pixels to be accepted. No higher. For secondary nations, unless you give up land to extend from your main nation, your secondary nation will have to be at least 15k pixels.
A2. Picky is good. Feel free to request changes to borders if you aren't happy with them.
A3. This map's planet is the same size as Earth, so I won't be making the map any bigger. If Earth can fit 200 nations, so can mine.
A4. I am not adding new territory to the map. Use the existing land more efficiently and we won't need any more.
A5. Existing nations on the map cannot claim unclaimed land (except in exceptional circumstances).
A6. Not Glacea nor any body of water.

Map removal is strictly allowed to only happen when the following criteria are met:
B1. AFRP, or Away From RP (not RPing for 30 days, 20 days in the case of people on other RMB maps)
B2. RMB RP Ban (if one clause states "therefore, the RMB Cartography Staff shall remove <nation> from the map")
B3. Cease to Exist (when the nation dies in the 28th day. Exceptions apply.)

Map Version: 154