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The Rejected Times: Issue XLVII

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Issue XLVII | November 30, 2018

Media Officer: VACANT
Editor-in-Chief: The Church of Satan
Deputy Media Officer: VACANT


"The Emperor is Dead, All Hail the Emperor?" | NEWS | WRITTEN BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson | EDITED BY TRT STAFF
"This Krull is on Fire: the NPO's Exposé" | NEWS | WRITTEN BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson AND Correspondent Glacikaldr | EDITED BY TRT STAFF
"Topid on Condemning NPO, St Abbaddon" | INTERVIEW | WRITTEN BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson | EDITED BY Correspondent Glacikaldr
"Conflicted and Elusive: A Defender Perspective on the Francoist-Raider War" | OPINION | WRITTEN BY Correspondent Glacikaldr | EDITED BY TRT STAFF
""The Devil Church" Commendation Defeated After Narrow Vote" | NEWS | WRITTEN BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson | EDITED BY TRT STAFF
"A Game of Francs" | FEATURE | WRITTEN BY Correspondent Glacikaldr | EDITED BY TRT STAFF
"Radical Zyonnism On the Rise" | SATIRE | WRITTEN BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson | EDITED BY Correspondent Glacikaldr
"What Are You Thankful For?" | OPINION | WRITTEN BY Senior Correspondent The Church of Satan | EDITED BY TRT STAFF
"NPO Delenda Est" | CREATIVE | MADE BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson

The Emperor is Dead, All Hail the Emperor?
NEWS | WRITTEN BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson | EDITED BY TRT STAFF

Following Pergamon's resignation as Consul and Regent of The Pacific, a new face has been brought in. On November 25th, 2018, East Durthang became the Emperor of the NS branch of the NPO. There's been lots of speculation about who he is and what is going to happen. Hopefully, I can answer some of your questions here.

First off, East Durthang is none other than Lord of Darkness on Cyber Nations and Politics & War, meaning he is also the Emperor of the Cyber Nations branch of the NPO and Regent of the Politics and War branch of the NPO in addition to being the Root Admin of the forum of the New Pacific Order. He has been a member of the NPO for ten years and has been playing NS for almost 4 years. Was it an interesting move appointing him? Many think so. Here are some opinions on this massive change:

The Church of Satan:
"If they had to bring in the real "big dog" then they must have messed up more than any of us thought possible, lol."

Neo Kervoskia:
"Think of NPO as a company, like Dunder Mifflin, with branches across several games. This is just corporate coming in to fix the NS branch."

"LoD is perhaps the most skilled administrator (not in the sense of forums) that I have interacted with in any game. I am excited for his delegacy and believe he will run a splendidly tight ship. Here's hoping to smooth sailing. o/"

When pressed on how long he was going to serve, LoD had this to say: "Most likely as long as necessary to improve the place, unlikely to be less than a year though." This was a huge surprise, but I personally wish LoD the best. Some here within the Staff suspect that he may need it...

This Krull is on Fire: the NPO's Exposé
NEWS | WRITTEN BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson AND Correspondent Glacikaldr | EDITED BY TRT STAFF

Recently, the New Pacific Order (NPO) has been put on blast for their actions, both past and present. This subversion coming to light at the same time as the New Pacific Order's declaration of war against The Black Hawks on November 20th 2018, for supporting Topid's efforts in St Abbadon, adds even more fuel to the fire.

On November 23rd 2018, Koth, the Root Admin of the Osiran forum, released an announcement found here detailing the ban of four notable citizens of Osiris: Adytus, Weast Jurmany, Wrektopia, and Kowassati. New evidence revealed that Adytus was a puppet of Feux, Kowassati was a puppet of Stujenske, Wrektopia was a puppet of A mean old man, and Weast Jurmany was a close friend of A mean old man. All of these players, except Weast Jurmany, call the NPO their home and have dedicated themselves to the Francoist Order over the years.

At one point, all of these individuals served Guardians of Osiris, except Kowassati, who was Vizier of Foreign Affairs (in addition to, delegate of Lazarus). In fact, Feux/Adytus almost became the Pharaoh (Delegate) of Osiris in the past. This crew was responsible for rallying against the constitution of Osiris, the Scroll of Horus, and many other acts of subversion. Even while NPO was supposedly cooperating with a peacekeeping operation in Lazarus, Feux was attempting to seize the Lazarus under his Adytus identity. It is also believed that NPO Emperor Aleisyr and Consul Pergamon may have been in on some of these operations as well, however, claims are still being held against this.

It was at this juncture other sensational reports were released, further damaging the New Pacific Order's credibility and implicating them in a number of grossly inappropriate espionage and infiltration operations against allied partners and Lazarus.

  • Shocking revelations emerged via the Miniluv Messenger that the NPO had operated a Task Force Lazarus, created by Consul Pergamon - which included then Emperor Aleisyr, former Emperor Pierconium, plus United Arkadia, Svezjacael, and Karenus. The task force sought to infiltrate the Rahl family and manipulate both sides of an internal debate in Lazarus over whether to repeal the XYZ Treaty, with the hopes of dividing defenders and invaders in Lazarus. The result of these efforts was Funkdelia's decision to coup Lazarus and the subsequent Lazarene Civil War.

  • The North Pacific announced it was cutting all diplomatic ties with the North Pacific after "Quaestor and [NPO] Senator Svezjacael [admitted] to conducting clandestine operations in The North Pacific, as well as in Europe, one of [its] allies in the WALL."

  • The Miniluv Messenger also reported that "Emperor Aleisyr, Consul Pergamon, and Senator Feux, as well as NPO member A mean old man (AMOM), knew that King Bradley was an alternate persona of the blacklisted individual Saint Block," and "nonetheless concealed Saint Block's identity, and instead sought to use Saint Block's alternate persona as an intelligence asset."

In response to the NPO's actions and responses, a handful of regions have responded in turn. Some of the first regions to condemn these most recent actions of the NPO were Pacifica, Osiris, Europeia, and Hartfelden. Further, regarding the Pacific's beloved Game-Created Regions (GCRs), The West Pacific's (TWP) Delegate Halo Rahl abolished TWP's treaty with the NPO, The South Pacific's Cabinet has "invoked Article VII, Section 2 and request that the Assembly terminate the Treaty of Capricorn with the [NPO]", The Rejected Realms have suspended "all diplomatic and other relations" with the NPO, and needless to add that Osiris has already deployed their Sekhmet Legion. Still, many wait to see how defenderism will react as a whole. It is also worth noting that The Rejected Realms (TRR) released a statement found here showing support for Osiris pursuing their right to self-governance against subversive influences. TRR had previously advocated a direction for defenderism of avoiding the situation in St Abbaddon but defenders like those within the Rejected Realms Army may soon find that they are being pressured into choosing sides as various protectorates and puppet regions of both sides of this conflict come under assault.

The prospect of this coming down to an all out war started with declarations trickling in. Hartfelden's declaration offers a good overview of one of the major views expressed. Yet with Pharoah Altinsane's ultimatum following shortly after on the 23rd as well, Osiris marked itself as the first GCR prepared to join this war effort. Its reasoning to do so has been seen as both just and transparent, and it appears that—with the advent of NPO Delenda Est—this course of action had a populist drive propelling the initial escalation. The NPO's responses, as memeable as they are (far too much to mention within a serious paper such as this mind you!), had all but rendered this war inevitable.

Topid on Condemning NPO, St Abbaddon
INTERVIEW | WRITTEN BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson | EDITED BY Correspondent Glacikaldr

On November 20th, 2018, our Senior Reporter also known for rather polarising jams reached out to Topid amidst the battle for St Abbaddon. The following interview will clarify the situation as well as delve into the motives behind such actions:

MM: Hello Topid, after hearing so many mixed messages about what's going on in St Abbaddon, can you begin to clarify for us? Care to shed some light on the situation in St Abby?

Topid: Well, I love that region more than any in the game. It's been in bad shape without me. It needs help, and I would love to help it. Unfortunately I am banned from the region on orders from the NPO, so we tried to free the region so I could return home. Unfortunately we missed the update, so its turned into a pile war that we're the major underdog in.

MM: Do you feel confident that you'll eventually reclaim St Abbaddon? Why or why not?

Topid: Definitely not "confident". We had a great shot if we hadn't fallen victim to variance. It happens, though, nothing you can do! But now when it comes down to piling I think we're operating in an area the other side excels at. No matter how it turns out, it makes my heart warm that when half the game was talking about this Kitsco's endorsements are a sea of only black and red. This has all been hard, and really personal; I'd love nothing more than to be able to go back to my home region - but you can't ever discount a moment like this when you see how many friends you've got either. It'll be a day with a silver lining either way.

MM: Are you exiled permanently...?

Topid: My understanding is that I am exiled without an end date. If this does not succeed I doubt the NPO will let the endo levels fall to a point where we could attempt this again for some time. Obviously I have another UCR to focus on if this doesn't work out, but I'll probably never personally accept that St Abbaddon is dead. It's such a neat region with such a neat story. It will always have my heart.

MM: Also, why are you working with The Black Hawks and other raiders? Isn't this a liberation?

Topid: It is a liberation of sorts. I would say that from a defender prospective, as I am a moralist defender at heart, it isn't that strange to be working with raiders when raiders have the same goal as you. I can think of a few times this has happened before when raiders break unity to agree to work against the aggressor. The real story isn't a native, or defenders, working with raiders, it is what has caused the unique circumstances that has made raiders willing to take a shot at the NPO's dominance over the region in the first place. Once they've decided they want to, it should not be hard for a true defender to decide to fight for the side that doesn't want foreign dominance in the region at all.

MM: What do you have to say to your critics?

Topid: I don't know, perhaps come and chat with me. At the end of the day I'll do what I think is right, and best for St Abbaddon. I personally think I can stand with people here on this issue and not condone everything else they've ever done. I also think some old enemies are standing with me probably saying the same about me. That seems easy enough for me to understand, but I am realizing others don't feel the same. It is what it is, I suppose.

MM: This concludes our interview. Thanks for your time, Topid.

Topid: Thanks for showing interest in little old (oh so freaking old) me.

FUNZONE: How many "original" founderless regions are there?

St. Abbaddon is one of only thirty surviving user-created regions that have no recorded founder; these regions were created prior to the installation of founders (April 2003) and did not petition for the retroactive installation of a founder when it was offered.

Only eight of these regions, St Abbaddon included, remain without a password.

  1. South Pacific

  2. Canada

  3. NationStates

  4. Yorkshire

  5. Middle Earth

  6. belgium

  7. Stargate

  8. St Abbaddon

  9. The Proletariat Coalition (Pass)

  10. Lake ilopango (Pass)

  11. SPACE (Pass)

  12. Haven (Pass)

  13. Seven Eleven (Pass)

  14. Hattrick (Pass)

  15. Carioch (Pass)

  16. Liberal Paradise (Pass)

  17. Modzer0 (Pass)

  18. EWU (Pass)

  19. The Blood Cave (Pass)

  20. The Heights of Azure (Pass)

  21. Bucketheadland (Pass)

  22. Eutopia (Pass)

  23. The West (Pass)

  24. The AGS Commonwealth (Pass)

  25. Secularia (Pass)

  26. Alliance of Socialist States (Pass)

  27. User Friendlia (Pass)

  28. LUE (Pass)

  29. Pyoko (Pass)

  30. Asmer (Pass)

This list was created with Linka perl script of ours of which is free for use via this link..

Conflicted and Elusive: A Defender Perspective on the Francoist-Raider War

Now that defenders will soon find more high profile New Pacific Order (NPO) protectorates and raider puppet regions on fire, how should extremely influential organisations in defenderism respond? Can defenders continue to agree that, if no genuine natives can be distinguished, no assistance will occur? It seems more and more unlikely as Game-Created Regions get involved in the conflict, with political influences beginning to pay more attention to gameplay in general with the advent of this Francoist-Raider War. To first clarify on why I call the war so, it is a play on the usual convention of holistic names generally arising after the fact i.e. the Napoleonic Wars not being known as such in the midst of conflict, or Colonialism not identifying a window of time while colonial pursuits were still within the mainstream of Western society. Thus, calling this conflict the Francoist-Raider War is born out of this convention, as there is not much wiggle of framing the NPO's declaration of war against The Black Hawks other than a declaration of war against all the main raider organisation who aided Topid in St Abbaddon.

In many ways, this most recent 'Kobayashi Maru' that defenders faced in St Abbaddon could become a mere trial of what is to come when compared to the possible political and existential challenges that await defenders in the advent of this new war. If defenders had supported Topid and the gaggle of raiders behind him, they would have been accused of supporting a foreign-backed takeover of an existing native delegacy regardless of it being led by a wronged native itself, to begin with. Alternatively, if they supported the New Pacific Order, defenders would be tacitly supporting the former's history of employing the, as former Emperor Pergamon called it, doctrine of "go all toxic" diplomacy and serving the terms of an ill-defined protection agreement in St Abbaddon. Indeed, NPO does not shy away from describing their treaties as reserved for 'provinces', a declaration that openly embraces its imperialist connotations.

The South Pacific initially supported its allies, the NPO, in St Abbaddon, as did prominent members of the Grey Wardens. Whereas the Rejected Realms, and consequently the Rejected Realms Army, remained neutral. In effect, the crisis divided defenders over the obligation to act in a civil dispute between two natives, or rather still, a proxy war between two military superpowers. While St Abbaddon's particular nuances do not apply to the conflict at large, we have every reason to believe that the same divisions within defenderism may continue to prosper if left to the wayside in this new environment of an injured, if only in image, New Pacific Order and its war with the Black Hawks, Osiris, Europeia, et. al. If we're not careful, we defenders are at risk of leaving ourselves caught in the middle of a political war with no allies left to call upon.

Joining the war effort directly might even put the Rejected Realms at significant risk. The best stance may be to condemn over threaten. The New Pacific Order has proven that they do not shy away from seizing any opportunity to justify the invasion and occupation of a region, let alone a sinker like Lazarus and Osiris who have already been targeted if evidence is to be believed. Further the raiders are known for aiming for harder and harder targets. Indeed, it could be possible for either side to pile and then eject into TRR, overthrowing the current government if timed perfectly so as to hold it hostage for an indeterminate span of time. Could the Rejected Realms then count on its war-time allies on either side? Better relations with a chosen side would need to be developed far better first, or else the region would only be left with the option of joining a side with reasonable safety as long as TRR was joining alongside a group of other defenders that have been proven trustworthy to the region in the past.

Yet the choice may eventually seem forced onto us and, in the case of the Rejected Realms, the choice will be the seemingly lose-lose of latching onto their traditional raider enemies or hitching a ride with the exposed, hawkish authoritarian superpower, of which is also a traditional raider enemy - and one that has, allegedly, screwed over everyone in NationStates and their mother at least twice, all of which in separate occasions of which have until now enjoyed a streak of going mostly unopposed. If a choice is not to be made, defenders might instead be opting for the risk of being associated with either side, if not courted coquettishly in a blissful abstention -- five steamy, passionate weeks -- of carefully worded non-statements and memoranda. Certainly, neutrality might spell doom if one particular victor emerges. Still, an abstention from the war, while less fun, might offer a rare opportunity for defenderism to reassess the foreign policy decisions post-UDoL that have led to the mass factionalism it now faces, especially in light of St Abbaddon: most notably, its détente with the New Pacific Order and the absence of a defender superpower free from divisive political obligation that can stand toe-to-toe.

Nevertheless, if Libcord is to be the voice of defenders as it would most likely wish to be called, it best begin moving into all of the realms of gameplay - not only limiting itself to acting behind the backing of World Assembly Liberations but also expanding into the scenes of these major interregional wars. There is no denying that, as one of the newer defenderism projects, it stands above the crowd, however, there are still those prominent defenders who maintain their independence to a degree whereby they coexist outside of the central command structure the server provides. Thus, Libcord is held back as of yet from any claim of defender unity being greater than that found among raiders. If defenders are prepared to defend the claim that they can still effectively work together while maintaining all these separate organisations, then this Francoist-Raider War should prove a perfect challenge for those who hold that the cooperation of so many organisations is still possible within the defender sphere.

"The Devil Church" Commendation Defeated After Narrow Vote
NEWS | WRITTEN BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson | EDITED BY TRT STAFF

Satanism? No way. Not in my Catholic paradise. At least, that's what a number of WA voters thought when "Commend The Church of Satan" came up to vote. With charm and aplomb, the commendation reliably brought out of the best of NationStates' cranks and zealots:

Rymon Unitara:
"My nation is very Catholic and sinless and every single person are believers, so I am voting NO. Long live God almighty!"

"I wish to notify that if the devil church is commended i will resign my position in the World Assembly"

Al Muqadistan:
"It would not be looked upon well by the members of the conservative muslim community if I showered praise upon the the church that denounces the true Allah."

Indeed, as soon as the proposal came to vote, numerous nations (inevitably) began to debate whether the World Assembly should commend a player with such a name. While the proposal was based on the nation's in-game actions, some confused it with an actual religion.

As many nations responded to campaign telegrams with disgust and anger, Apple-Loosa kept her head up and marched on, nevertheless. As one of the main people campaigning for the resolution, her telegram campaign proved effective enough to get the proposal queued. Early on, however, the proposal looked as though it was destined for defeat, primarily because of 10000 Islands, whose delegate voted against early. A surprisingly strong show of support from top GCR delegates, including the North Pacific and the South Pacific among others, helped to close that initial setback, leading to an extremely tight vote with the margins tied at least thrice.

A crucial last minute swing vote cast by Fedele (Scardino) of the East Pacific served as the death-knell to the resolution in its final hours. Comparisons have been made between "Commend The Church of Satan" and "Commend Glen-Rhodes" which still remains the tightest vote in World Assembly history: 4,585 votes to 4,583 (tied twelve times over the course of five days). One also wonders whether if, like "Commend Glen-Rhodes" before it, a second attempt for "Commend The Church of Satan" might ultimately prove more successful...

"Commend The Church of Satan" was defeated 8,347 votes to 7,814.

FUNZONE: What happens if a WA vote ties?

Players started to wonder the answer to this exact question after a particularly harrowing General Assembly vote (Conscientious Objector Act) in 2011 - at that time, not even the moderators were sure of the answer.

We've at last received confirmation from the administration that (as long suspected), a tied vote fails. "50%+1" is required for passage. Good to know.

A Game of Francs

A map of George R. R. Martin's most famous fantasy setting as depicted in the popular Game of Thrones television series: Westeros.

For this next segment, and for your entertainment, I will now attempt to make a compelling argument for why I associate some regions involved or inevitably tied to what I have labelled as the Francoist-Raider War with a corresponding faction, region or group within George R. R. Martin's most famous fantasy setting as depicted in the popular Game of Thrones television series. So let's get started why don't we? Needless to say, if you don't know about the show, or the books in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series,... you're a bad person and you should go fix that immediately please.

New Pacific Order: Truly our House Lannister as of late, many would deem the Pacific our King's Landing, capital of the Seven Kingdoms within the show. To that effect, the NPO would be Casterly Rock from the Westerland with control over the Crownlands, though instead of a fascination with paying off debts they devote that time to worshipping Francos Spain. Here's to hoping Xoriet turns out to be our Tyrion.

The Black Hawks: As budget dragons, the Hawks are almost definitely our equivalent to House Targaryen, with evil twin Rach leading the flock as Daenerys. And while you're free to pick and choose who the 'big hawks' are among yourselves, Souls will always be the Drogon in my canon <3.

Osiris: While definitely themed as the Dorne equivalent of our little Westeros, Osiris has managed to beat their equivalent of House Martell in instability. That being said, the stability the region has seen as of late under Alti also reminds me of the tough and leadership-type Dornish women depicting in the show, such as Ellaria and her daughters.

Europeia: Sure! The Reach! Looking to rebrand and expand its power down a different route reminds me of House Tyrell and its power plays.

Loose Coalition of other regions screeching "NPO DELENDA EST!" (sorry Hartfelden): Uh, I've definitely missed a few. Is it a cop out to say they're all from the Stormlands?

There were Bronies, weren't there? I mean, almost definitely the Brotherhood Without Banners, let's be real here people.

Defenders: From Libcord to independents who may sometimes be put into this category, I would roughly place them all somewhere in either the Riverlands, the Vale or the North. If Libcord were to ever pick a side, it would definitely feel like the North entering an equivalent to the War of the Five Kings. In saying that, I would place 10000 Islands as the Vale, with them having the cavalry charge at hand ready to save any side they choose to if need be. Other more independent-leaning groups (even those within Libcord for what it's worth) may be a better fit for the Riverlands. That would make House Tully the Augustin Alliance and their Joint Task Force.

Radical Zyonnism On the Rise
SATIRE | WRITTEN BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson | EDITED BY Correspondent Glacikaldr

Since its founding in late 2017, Zyonnism has rapidly expanded. While Zyonnism has definitely had positive effects on the world, it has also, unfortunately, brought about some negative effects. One negative effect being conflict.

For the past few weeks, both sects of Zyonnism, Reform and Traditional, are pretty much at war. Traditionalists are concerned that Reformists are too secular and are losing their faith. This has caused numerous physical fights. One such fist fight got out of hand in Marilyn Manson Freaks after a Reformed Dramoonist Zyonnist pulled out his pistol and threatened two Traditional Zyonnists that were peacefully protesting the supposed secularization of Zyonnism.

In addition to conflict over the Reform movement of Zyonnism, Zyonnism is also split on the topic of alcoholism. Traditional Zyonnists believe that since Zyonn drinks alcohol, it should be a welcomed part of church services and regularly consumed. However, Reform Zyonnists believe that alcohol should not be consumed in church, but instead limited to the private sphere. This has led to many other protests and physical fights, of which more often than not have been alcohol induced.

In short, Zyonnism is more divided than ever over these couple of issues. Radicals from all sects of Zyonnism have made the faith as a whole look bad among outsiders. It is up to us and us only to take action and make sure these conflicts do not continue.

What Are You Thankful For?
OPINION | WRITTEN BY Senior Correspondent The Church of Satan | EDITED BY TRT STAFF

Thanksgiving has passed and while it is a time for family to come together it is also a time of reflection. Over the last year a lot has happened. Turmoil, infiltrators, parties and such. Some have made friends, some have lost friends, some have earned your respect and some have earned your contempt. To sum it up, the good, the bad and the ugly. Sure there's been a lot of bad blood over the last year but that doesn't mean we have to succumb to it. There have been some good things peppered throughout all that bad and that's what this article is all about. So to you reader I pose a question: what are you thankful for in NationStates?

I myself am thankful for multiple things. I'm thankful for my friends in The Rejected Realms. Frattastan, Guy, Marilyn Manson Freaks, Nequedum/PowerPAOK/Glacikaldr (sorry CoS, I couldn't help myself), Crazygirl, Catalyse, Harmeonia, Zaolat, Libetarian Republics and some that haven't been around for a while. Chanku, WIntermoot, taulover, Katie Rybeck, Barnes, Nox, BraveSirRobin, Pengu, Laurentus, Gerrick, North and trader over in Wintreath. Pallaith over in The North Pacific. I wouldn't say we're friends but lately I seem to butt heads with Cormac a little less. All of these people and more I probably forgot to mention have, in one fashion or another have been kind, helpful and/or supportive at some point even if we may have disagreed with each other sometimes, to put it lightly.

I know this is just a game but that doesn't negate the people we play it with. A lot of people tend to displace their responsibility for poor conduct because "it's not them" or "it's just a persona" I play as. Let's not forget everyone, there are people behind these names and whether you know it or not there are players around you that have made your time here better, more fun. So think about it, what are you thankful for?

NPO Delenda Est
CREATIVE | MADE BY Senior Reporter Marilyn Manson

NOTE: The Rejected Times does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Rejected Realms.

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