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Overview of the Coalition of Socialists

The Coalition of Socialists


Coat of Arms

Motto: Long live the Coalition!

Population: Will be updated later

Anthem: The Internationale

Capital: Montréal
Largest City: Shanghai

- Founder: The Socialist Republic of Macere
- Minister of Culture: The Chereznevu Russkaya Republic of Cykoslevinia
- Minister of Cartography: Kingdom of Prussia

- Executive Council of the Coalition & the House of Commons

GDP (nominal):Yet to be calculated
GDP (nominal) per capita: Yet to be calculated

Average Human Development Index (NS Version): Will be calculated later

Currency: Currently Non-Existant

The Coalition of Socialists is a region that was founded by the Soviet Democracy Industrial Unionist Party following the rise of the founder as a Despot, causing a good few to leave to found their own region, much like the previous The Socialist Syndicalist Union. The Region was founded on May 15th, 2019.
The Coalition originated when the Macere, the Premier of Soviet Democracy, was told by the founder and executive, Ex Patrian SSR to change the laws after they had been voted on in order to give more power to himself. Macere had a deadline, and in that time created the Industrial Unionist Party of Soviet Democracy, as well as the proto-state that was the Coalition. The IUPSD was, unbeknownst to Ex-Patria, a revolution slowly getting larger and larger, and as time went by, on May 15th, the vote to form the Coalition was ended, and the region as we know it was founded. In the creation of the Coalition, some founding members include the Socialist Republic of Macere, The Russian SFSR (Cykoslevinia), The Kingdom of Prussia, and the Soviet Socialist Turks SSR, as well as more.
The Coalition currently has no central currency, trade laws, or trade leagues.