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RMB Rules

Due to the nature of an online message board, we must create a list of rules for it so people do not ruin the fun for the rest of us. As our Constitution states, any speech that is hateful, prejudiced or deemed harassment made by residents will not be tolerated. Regional leaders have worked hard to keep our RMB clean, friendly, and welcoming, but on occasion those who are uneducated about our social guidelines can get in trouble with not only regional authorities but NationStates moderators. This is never the result we would like to see, hence this policy will act as a guide to avoiding the wrath of both NationStates moderators and regional authorities.

The 6 RMB Principles

1. Keep it Serious!

TCB aims to be a serious political leftist community, not a roleplay region. Our region is a serious RL political and gameplay political region. The regional RMB is reserved for leftist political discussion or the occasional talks about gameplay (issues, mechanics of the game, etc.). In short, we do not simply roleplay as communists, anarchists, and other leftists for fun; we are those things and hold those beliefs dear. Any roleplay will be suppressed and be nudged over to the regional discord or forums where it takes place.

2. Don't be a troll!

Trolling is where you intentionally try to upset other nations on the RMB and start arguments. Respectful debates are what we want on the RMB, but fights and personal attacks are not something any of us like to have. Any nations deliberately attempting to upset other nations will be warned and if they do not comply, they will be ejected. If it does not cease at that time, NS moderation will be contacted.

3. Keep the RMB a happy & positive place!

During our history, we have encountered a nation or two who has had trouble dealing with depression in their life. Though you may feel upset and want to talk to people about it you should keep it in telegrams only or seek professional guidance. Nobody in The Communist Bloc is a licensed psychologist and therefore not qualified to give advice on depression and other emotional health issues. Suicidal posts will be suppressed. These kinds of posts lower the morale of everyone in the region and our message board is not the place to discuss those very serious real life issues. If the problem does not cease after a warning, ejection will be used.

4. Do not spam!

The Communist Bloc enjoys a lot of freedom of speech regarding our RMB. However, posting the same thing over and over, stating random phrases or thing not relevant to the conversation(s) going on, or posting extremely long one-word posts that takes up tens of lines of text is frowned upon. This is a very small offense, but if it happens more than a few times and is not corrected, ejection will be used as a last resort.

5. Keep it PG-13!

While most of our residents are legal adults, there are a lot of children who play this game, and in accordance with NationStates rules, you need to always be sure not to take things too far when it comes to profanity or sexual content. To be clear, profanity IS allowed, but please do not unleash a chain of profane language because the NationStates moderators will get you for it. A warning will be given if regional authorities think it goes too far (we are fairly lenient with our definition of what goes too far) and if it becomes a problem that seriously disrupts the RMB, ejection will be used. As for sexual content, innuendo is typically acceptable, but please do not go into detail of sex acts. If two consenting adults want to 'cyber', take it into private and keep it away from the message board.

6. Don't be a bigot or a Rightie!

Listen up! If you hold views that are fascist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist or hateful towards any specific religion, nationality, etc, please keep those views to yourself! People will be outraged at your comments and for good reason. Hate speech is not protected here and it will absolutely not be tolerated in our community. If you say something that is very clearly hateful towards another group of people (as was listed in the beginning of this rule), you will be ejected, simple as that. Moreover, note that TCB is a community of real life leftists, thus any blatant promotion right-wing ideologies will be punishable. Persons seeking to learn about leftism from this part of the spectrum are welcome so long as they refrain from this.