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Military Gameplay Instructions: Abridged

Long form here.

How It Works
Military gameplay is a way for regions to attack and defend each other. It is based on World Assembly delegates and the endorsement system. Roleplay and nation statistics, like your Defense Forces score, are completely unrelated.

To attack a region, a group of nations joins the WA, and all of them endorse one of the nations in the group. The leader finds a target region to attack. The goal is to seize the delegate position and take control of the region, so the target's delegate needs have executive authority (whether or not an actual delegate exists there). The leader figures out exactly when the target region will update, and when that time comes, all the attacking nations move together into the target region.

Defending a region works in a similar way. A group of nations endorse each other, and when they see a region come under attack, they move into the region to support the natives. They can also liberate a region that has already been captured.

Update: when endorsements are counted and delegates change, at 0000 (midnight) and 1200 (noon) LinkEST / LinkEDT.
Jump: moving into a region during update.
RO: a Regional Officer.
BC: a Regional Officer with Border Control.
Pile: a large group of nations endorsing one nation, usually in the context of maintaining an occupation.
Cross: for all nations in a military force to endorse each other.
Point: the lead nation in a military force that all other nations endorse.
Switch: to change WA membership from one nation to another.
Trigger: to determine the time when a region updates, so a military force knows when to jump.
JP: jump point, the region that a military force moves from when it strikes its target.
Opsec: operational security, which means never giving away details about an operation.

Step By Step
1. The target and trigger are chosen by the commander(s).
2. Troops gather in a Discord server set up for the operation.
3. Everyone endorses the point. (Sometimes they cross as well.)
4. The update begins.
5. When it is time for the target to update, according to the trigger, the commander posts a link to the target region and tells everyone to stop talking ("radio silence").
6. Everyone opens the link and gets ready to jump.
7. The commander calls "go" and everyone moves to the target region.
8. If the point has the most endorsements in the region once the region finishes updating, they become the delegate and the operation is a success.

Helpful Tips
-Always use the same email address on all your nations! This makes it so you cannot accidentally have multiple WA nations at the same time, which is against NS rules.
-Follow orders from your commander(s)! They should have a plan to succeed, and rogues can ruin an operation.
-When you are about to jump, pay close attention and be ready to move fast! Operations have failed because someone saw the two-minute warning and went for a cup of water.
-Never insult or bait the people in an occupied region! Tempting as it may be, the moderators are watching.

Note: This dispatch contains a number of generalizations and oversimplifications. It is not intended for highly experienced R/Ders, and should not be used as a substitute for the long-form dispatch linked at the top.