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An Attempt at an Unbiased Review of What Happened with the NPO

Now, I know that I was responsible for another dispatch called "Don't Arm the NPO." However, while everything mentioned in that dispatch was true, it was meant to be propaganda, and as such, glossed over the NPO view of things. I know that it is impossible for me to be completely unbiased, but my hope is that I could approach the realm of neutrality by attempting to review the events that occurred from the perspective of both sides. This is my honest attempt at an unbiased review of events thus far:

So there's this region called St Abbaddon, which is an NPO protectorate. A long time ago, before it became an NPO protectorate, it was subject to frequently being raided (St Abby was created before regional founders existed). Eventually, this would change. During April of 2017, JTF raiders hit St Abby, and a pile off ensued. The defenders struck a deal with the NPO: The NPO would pile on the side of the defenders as long as they were allowed to ban native Topid, who they disliked for creating a region called Pacifica. Now, time skip someways into the future, and the region has become, more or less inactive. Topid, then enlisted the help of The Black Hawks to try and take back the region from the NPO. This failed (if you're experienced in gameplay terminology, it failed because they jumped into the region after it updated), and a battle to take the region ensued.

In a region with no founder, the person with the most endorsements in the region becomes delegate, giving them control over the region. When a region updates is when endorsements are recounted, and a new delegate is potentially chosen. As St Abby got closer to update, The Black Hawks had more endorsements than the NPO delegate (I believe TBH had 162 endorsements and NPO had 147) and were set to take the region. However, minutes before the region updated, Kitsco (the NPO delegate) came online, and banned most TBH members from the region.

The controversy over this situation is whether or not it should be considered a raid against NPO territory. TBH is a raider region, but they were requested to help take the region by Topid, who was a native. The problem with that was that there were other natives who resided in the region that had no problem with the NPO. Defenders deployed on the side of the NPO, but the problem with that was that the defenders withdrew, citing the fact that this resembled something closer to an internal power struggle than a raid. Whatever the case, the NPO took it as an attack on their territory, and declared war on TBH. The NPO claimed that they were in the right, as TBH had attacked their protectorate. TBH claims that they're in the right, as Topid had requested their help, and that the attack had proceeded months of diplomatic nastiness, half apologies, and outright hostility by the NPO.

Now enter the part of the story where all hell breaks loose. 94 Block (also known as saint block) is a player who had become a pariah throughout the NS community. This was well deserved, as he done things such as destroyed forums, made transphobic remarks, doxxed people, deliberately exposed sexual harassment victims to their perpetrators in a region of his, and made disparaging remarks about individuals afflicted with PTSD. For some reason (most likely in an attempt to curry favor with the rest of NS again), after this whole St Abby incident, he leaked logs showing that the NPO had used him under an alternate account to spy on TBH (specifically high ranking general Ever-Wandering Souls). This upset MANY people, as they considered Block to potentially be dangerous as he'd done all that, and they didn't like the fact that the NPO had known that Block had snuck back into many regions under an alt, and didn't inform anyone. TBH is using this incident in propaganda, while the NPO is saying that Pergamon was unaware of everything Block had done.

The next part of the story comes when an internal investigation in Osiris revealed that two NPO members, Feux and A mean old man, had infiltrated Osiris, and caused problems by getting themselves into high positions, and incompetently governing the region. When the story came out, Pergamon was livid, and banned both Feux and AMOM (A mean old man). NPO claims that this infiltration was unsanctioned, and that both members were banned because of this. TBH claims that this infiltration was sanctioned by NPO higher-ups, and that the bans were simply for show, and that the NPO had done this (temporarily banning people) in the past. The same investigation also revealed that the NPO had been infiltrating numerous other regions, which made people even more angry.

Another thing that made people angry was what Pergamon said on a discord server following the banning of Feux and AMOM. He went on a giant rant (that I'm not going to post here cause I'm pretty sure I'll get hit with a censor) that basically insulted everyone not in the NPO. This angered people because, insult, and also because Pergamon made himself, in the words of someone else, "look like a 12 year old" with that post.

The latest development comes from an anonymous individual who got published by Cormactopia Prime. This was basically that while pretending to be an ally of Lazarus, they attempted to coup the region in 2017. And that bring us to the present.

Let me know if I was unbiased throughout. I tried my best, but I know it's possible and in fact likely that some creeped through. Please upvote to allow more people to see what truly happened with the NPO.

The Republic of Zizou