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New Assembly Vote (27 November 2018)


Assembly Announcement


A proposal has been introduced to amend Article 1 of the LinkCriminal Code.

The debate thread can be found Linkhere, and the voting thread is Linkhere.

A motion and a second have been received to bring this amendment to a vote.

As this proposal is for an amendment to a general law, the voting period is three days and will require a simple majority to pass. The vote will end on 30 November, 2018, at 7:20 a.m. (UTC).

Note: Words highlighted in green indicates additions to the text. Contrastingly, words highlighted in red indicates subtractions.

(9) Defamation shall be defined as the communication of false or grossly misleading information about an individual to a recipient, for the purposes of damaging the standing of that individual and done so with a reckless disregard for its factual accuracy.

(8) (10) Bribery shall be defined as the receiving or offering of undue patronage by or to any individual in order to influence behavior that the recipient would otherwise not alter.

A reminder that to maintain Legislator Status, you must vote in at least half of the votes each month that there are two or more votes. (New legislators are exempt from votes they couldn't have been around for, of course.) Alternatively, if you have good reasons for absence, you may file a Linkleave of absence, or display other activity in the Assembly.

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