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Coming-Home Parade for the Citizen Militia


South Pacific Special Forces

Coming Home Parade for the Citizen Militia

Fellow South Pacificans,

five days ago I asked something of all of you, something that had never before been done in this manner - I requested help from the Citizen Militia to help our ally in need. Over 300 individual players joined the battle in only 12 hours. This operation was the largest recorded endorsement pile-off ever to be seen in the fifteen year history of NationStates and we won!

For the South Pacific, this operation broke a record too. I did not know what kind of deployment to expect; we are a mostly pacifistic region, with a military that, while very competent, is also quite small. To my surprise, we deployed a total of 18 individuals within 7 hours, which may seem small in the grand scheme of things but, to my knowledge, is the largest ever deployment of any South Pacifican army!

In honor of their service, the Ministry of Military Affairs (specifically Nakarisaune) has prepared this ribbon for all Military Soldiers as well as members of the Citizen Militia to wear with pride to commemorate this historic deployment. The SPSF trident crosses the Topid trident, against whom we were deployed, and the sun has 144 rays of sunshine signifying the total number of endorsements that were deployed on our side of the battle.

Now, it is time for the citizen militia to come back home, and return their World Assembly membership to their nations here in the South Pacific. Please join me in welcoming them back home on our Regional Message Board, with a nice parade in true South Pacifican style Lampshades, SPIT, and all those other specialties that make our region the best.

Citizen Militia:

  1. Nu sweden

  2. Cold new zealand

  3. Stoinia

  4. Rabbitz

  5. Esfalsa

  6. The Derpy Democratic Republic Of Herp

  7. Isokenzar

  8. Mojoland

  9. Aumeltopia

  10. Mitandersfors

  11. The Imperial Frost Federation

  12. Bill kerbal

South Pacific Special Forces:

  1. Trainee Goverwal

  2. Trainee New haudenosaunee confederacy

  3. Soldier Ryccia

  4. Officer The serres republic

  5. Officer Nakarisaune

  6. General Roavin

Thank you!

Your Minister of Military Affairs,
-- Roavin