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Welcome to the Hive! Click me to get started

[background-block=black][anchor=top][/anchor][img][/img][size=130][align=center][url=][color=#EC9712]Government[/color][/url] [color=white]|[/color] [url=none][color=#EC9712]Military[/color][/url] [color=white]|[/color] [url=][color=#EC9712]Roleplay[/color][/url] [color=white]|[/color] [url=][color=#EC9712]Discord Server[/color][/url] [color=white]|[/color] [url=][color=#EC9712]Offsite Forum[/color][/url] [color=white]|[/color] [url=][color=#EC9712]Region[/color][/url] [color=white]|[/color] [url=][color=#EC9712]Charter[/color][/url][hr][/size][color=#EC9712][size=150][font=Times New Roman]Newcomer's Guide to Hive[/size][/font][/color][hr][/align][/background-block]Welcome to the Order of Hive! First of all, I would like to thank you for joining our region. Our Region is currently under development which means things like our Regional Military is yet to be made. This also means you can make a huge impact on how our region would look like once it's fully developed and you will get an opportunity to become an integral part of our community. Here's the list of things that you can do to get involved in the region (all the [color=green]green-colored[/color] words below are links):-
[list][*] Join the [url=]World Assembly[/url] and endorse our World Assembly Delegate [nation]Gran Howitzer[/nation]. [b]Remember you are only allowed to have one Nation in World Assembly at a time.[/b]
[*] Join our [url=]Discord Server[/url]. Discord is an online chat service like IRS that helps in efficient communication. Most of our Developmental work related to the Government, Roleplay and Military is happening in the Discord Server.
[*] Read an overview of our [url=]Meritocratic Government[/url] called the "Hexagon".
[*] Register in our [url=]Offsite Forums[/url]. You can apply to be a Member of [url=]the Four Guilds[/url] in the Order of Hive by filling this [url=]membership application[/url] after registering in the forums. Becoming a member makes you a part of the Hive of Commons (The Legislative Assembly of Hive). It enables you to vote and stand as a candidate in elections and to propose and vote on bills in the Hive of Commons.
[*] Introduce yourself to your neighbours in the [url=]Regional Message Board[/url] of Hive.
[*] Have you recently started playing Nationstates? This [url=]comprehensive Nationstates Guide[/url] will help you in understanding the basics and different aspects of Nationstates.
[*] Check out our [url=]Master Dispatch[/url] for a list of all the dispatches and their descriptions.
[*] Interested in Roleplaying? Hive is about to begin a Future-Tech RP set in the year 3000. Check out our [url=]Roleplay Map[/url] and [url=]Roleplay Rules and Tips[/url]. After successfully claiming a territory in the Roleplay Map, you can begin Roleplaying in the Regional Message Board.
[*] If you have any further questions regarding anything related to Nationstates or Hive. Feel free to send a telegram to [nation]Hive Founder[/nation]. You will get an answer asap.
[*] Always follow the [url=]Universal Chat Étiquettes[/url] while talking to your fellow members.
[*] Interested in boosting Hive's recruitment efforts and making it a more active and interesting place? Contribute to our [url=]Stamp Bank[/url] today!![/list]
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