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Iveagh Guide

Hello, nation of Iveagh!
You are new to Iveagh, but you don't know what to do? It seems like you are lucky today, because you came to the right place! Here, we are going to help you.


Now that you've just entered Iveagh, you must wonder: "Oh my god what am I supposed to do first"! Don't worry, I am here! Firstly, look at the region's page. Do you see this?
Yeah I know, there are a lot of things, but once again, don't worry!

There are two ways to become a citizen in Iveagh.

The World Assembly
The World Assembly is a kind of United Nations. You can access it by clicking on the World Assembly button, on the left side of your page. Being a member of the World Assembly automatically gives you a citizenship in Iveagh.

Once you clicked on it, if you look at the top of the World Assembly's page, you can see that you can apply to the World Assembly. You need to be careful though. Only one nation per person can apply to the World Assembly. If you have more than 2 nations which are in the WA, these nations will either be banned from the WA, or deleted.
Now that you know what the World Assembly is, we can continue.

The 2nd way
If, by any chance, your nation can't join the World Assembly because you already have another nation in the WA, don't worry you can still become a citizen.

Do you see "Apply for a citizenship here!"? Click on it, fill up the form, and wait. Your citizenship request may not be accepted, if by example you already have a nation which has the citizenship, or if you've done really bad things in the past.

What are the advantages of being a citizen?
Being a citizen allows you to participate in the political life of Iveagh: When you are a citizen, you can vote during the elections, and you can even run for a government role (such as President).

Now that you are a citizen of Iveagh, I highly recommend you to read the laws of Iveagh so you can understand how the region works. You can find all the links on the World Factbook Entry, or here. As I previously said, being a citizen allows you to run for President. It means, if you are a citizen! YOU can run for President! Isn't that awesome? The elections for President happen every 3 months, and start on every 1st of September, December, March and June.


The roleplay is the main feature of the region. This one is located on the RMB (Regional message Board) which can be find at the bottom of the region's page. Anyone can participate in it!

Firstly, you need to fill up the expantion form. You can find it on the RMB, here

Fill it up, and wait. Be sure to respect the laws when you fill it up (don't ask something too big, you only start with 60 provinces.). Once you have sent it, wait until you are on the map (The link for the map can be find just below the link for the expantion form). The map is usually updated at the end of the week, either Saturday or Sunday. Once you are on the map, you can start participating in the RP. Don't be shy, we encourage you to do so!