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LEN, God of Wunderstrafanstalt (me)

HALT! Are you from F7, from a thread about OOC things and the OP forbid you to look at OOC dispatches? Well, don't cheat. If not, please, feel free to enjoy my dispatch - tbh quite important to explain my IC factbooks. Or use the information for F7, if it isn't forbidden.

Now the actual dispatch

Lord Great Architect

Len E. Nirfizayr
(Not real name)

LinkSong I really love to listen
when riding a motorcycle.

God of the
New World Universe


Assumed office:
19 February 2017

Supreme God-Emperor: Maxx

God of the
Lenist Cult


Assumed office:
19 February 2017

Personal Details


Len E. Nirfizayr


"Leovin Kalvar"
"Goldenrod" (HEX code)

Worldwide Identity Number:



07 September XXYY,
Paris van Java, Wkwkwkland




Javanese (71.75%)
Makassarese (12.5%)
Arabic/Gujarati (12.5%)
German (3.25%)

(Yes, I counted them based on
my family tree. Might not the
most accurate estimation. My
German ancestor should've be
born around 1870.)

Language Spoken:

Bahasa Indonesia
Jaksel Indonenglish
German (very little)


CFR Wunderstrafanstalt

Political Stances:

Classical Liberalism
Radical Centrism
Mild globalism
LinkSocial Liberal

Preferred Political Parties:

Indonesian Solidarity
Party (PSI)

Democratic Party (US)
(Biden, not Sanders)

Liberal Democrats (UK)

En Marche - (France)
Gilets Jaunes pls stahp
Long live federal EU

Freie Demokratische Partei
(FDP) - (Germany)


Phonely McPhoneface




Male, duh
(A little bit Ace/Aro?)


Paris van Java,
West Java


Kebab (secretly agnostic)

Net Worth:

Aprx. $300 (Nov 2018)

"Legal if no one was harmed"
-Nirfizayr family principle (true).

Len E. Nirfizayr (/lɛn niːfizeː/, born: 7 September, Virgo) is me, the friendly, compromise-seeking, narcissistic, edgy, and introverted shy author of the Wunderstrafanstalt universe.

I am a canon being in the Wunderstrafanstalt Universe; along with Gread Administrator Maxx, I am the God of the Lenist Cult of Maxx and worshipped by 2.9 billion people. But they increasingly don't believe in me :(

One day, when I was watching a youtube video, the youtuber (called Pravus) in a video called "Prison Architect Klaus' Wunder Strafanstalt" talked about something called "NationStates" and I decided to give it a try. Turns out, it is everything I have ever wanted: unbridled control, worldbuilding, incentive to explore history and politics.

Wanting to run a realistic state, I started as a mainstream right-winger and fundamentalist, due to Wkwkwklandia's ideological brainwash since childhood. But whizzing through many differing points of view ranging from the liberal propaganda Vox to the conservative Goebbelsville PragerU to the supertechnical Asia Nikkei (and friends) however, I discovered the "real world" and changed my stance multiple times before settling on classical liberalism, free market, and mild globalism, believing in its more logical solutions. I love my country, and did contracted the "Overproud Wkwkwklandic" disease. But i definitely don't like my country's indoctrinated values of "loyalty" and "national exceptionalism" which is basically anti-progress feel-good lies.

I'm a lowkey and a bad communicator, so don't expect me to do much on NSG. I mean, I haven't been able to beat my teacher, who have a particular talent of swarming fallacies out of his ass to defend his beliefs in "spiritual demon electrical energy", "grand USA-Zionist-Shia conspiracy to destroy Islam by funding ISIS et al" etc.


I don't know you and you don't know me. So what better way to start by talking about religion? I'm a muslim, or at least, de-jure muslim. Closetly I'm an agnostic, although definitely not an antitheist.

Disclaimer 1: My thoughts keeps changing and improving every 19.4 hours or so, so my views here might have been outdated. I might be an antitheist or reconverting now.

Disclaimer 2: I don't hate religion. I view religion as a form of moral teaching, like what yoga guru tells you, and there are a lot of very respectable ulema or otherwise other priests. I just pick the good parts (e.g men-women etiquette, avoid fornication drug alcohol gambling, respect elderly etc) and ignore the bad (e.g wife beating, views and actions on unbelievers/blasphemer/apostate, gender/religious discrimination, anti-semitism, slavery etc).

Disclaimer 3: You should've known that English isn't my first language and I'm bad at conveying ideas through written words anyway, so don't take my words too literally but the general idea.

As a muslim, I had some, if not a lot of reservations and resentment especially in the Sharia law where I object many things, especially the LGBT stuff - everyone turns into denial mode when I discuss the plentiful evidences of "gay genes". I've mentioned this, but I 1000% dont agree with Islam's leniency and allowance of wife beating and (to put it harshly) marital rape, actions on unbelievers, death or otherwise stupidly harsh penalty on blasphemer/apostate, gender/religious discrimination, restrictions on women to work or lead, anti-semitism, slavery, child marriage, etc.

I began to question: why does he create those genes? If God is all-knowing, does He know whether I'll be in hell or paradise? Does he know whether I'll be a good person or a money launder? Does free will exist? Are we just a simulation run for God's amusement? (I feel like the Qada and Qadar is just a lazy explanation that contradicts eachother and designed to make us stop thinking). I began to view God as a dictator, who isn't necessarily a "good" being but isn't necessarily ungood either. Many atheists loathed God because they think He is immoral, but they missed the point - Kim Jong Un don't evaporate to nonexistence if you don't like him. In fact, this makes obeying the oppresive Sharia Law or Jihad thoroughly, well, makes more sense - you literally will be burned forever for not obeying and you can't do anything about it. But Sirius Black can't protest JK Rowling for his suffering and death, and we don't really imprison Rowling, so as long as I believe God exist, I accepted it as a fact of life.

As time passes I gradually become more and more agnostic, because of the fallacies and mistakes I've found in Islam, but most importantly by thinking honestly, not dogmaticly, about these simple sentences:
-God is not needed for the universe to exist and function.
-Muhammad might be the creator of the Quran.
-Religion relies on debunkable fallacies to work.

If an alien scientist from Kepler 186f studies the Quran, he'll probably conclude that from the passages of "Żul Qarnain walks to the place where the sun sets and saw the sun setting on a muddy sea", "get out of the prophet's house after your dinner is finished", "the sky will be rolled/its doors will open in the judgement day", "He hold the sky so it doesn't fall down to the earth", etc, etc can be made by an observation of someone in the middle of the desert with Arabic culture and self-interest, who probably think the earth is flat and the sky is like a dome/curtain/something. Just sayin'.

The issue of Quran's originality, Uthman's policy, Sanaa Quran Manuscript, Al-Ahzab lost passages, hadith about a sheep eating the only copy of a part of Quranic passages stored by Aisha, etc is also problematic. Of course this can be wrong, hoax, or misinterpreted, but come on.

The point is, the Quran of course can originate from God, but the evidences doesn't disprove that the Quran is made by Muhammad, it approves. I haven't found any evidence of the Quran's supremacy against other scriptures that is not a) can be made by a desert trader (e.g "the sun orbiting on its path" can be made by just looking at the sun's movement, it doesn't necessarily means the sun orbits Galactic Center), b) is also mentioned in ancient non-Tauhid scriptures, or c) is flat out wrong.

Scientificly, the only thing standing between science and its triumph is "what comes before the Big Bang". I believe in evolution since I first hear it in elementary school. I made my own interpretation of the world/human creation to fit it with the Quran, believing that "evolution is real and happening" but the prehistoric humans simply went extinct an then Adam and Siti Hawa (Eve) came. But after I learned more advanced biology, and discovered that the universe isn't made out of x y z time coordinate, but those coordinates can be inflated and changed, and time can work differently in a black hole, let alone the Big Bang, we might finally find out how can the universe came into being scientifically. Actually, as the big bang came from singularity which is smaller than an atom, an atomic nucleus, or even smaller, it enters the realm of the quantum world. And in quantum world, things can happen without any reason or cause at all.

They say the universe is perfect, despite 99.9999999999++% of the universe being uninhabitable. They say the human eye is too complex to evolve, yet it's logical to accept taht Homo erectus' eye can evolve into ours, for standing ape's eye to evolve into Homo erectus', for lemur eye to evolve into ape's, and so forth until we reach Planaria. They say the world really suits human and therefore should be intelligently designed, ignoring the possibility that it's humans that evolve to suit our planetary environment. They say life cannot exist from scratch, ignoring that we've already started experimenting (with results) creating complex proteins from simple substances, creating reproducing RNA from complex proteins, creating reproducing complex ribosomes from RNA, and so forth.

If we put a baby on an island and raise them there with no book but the Quran, and told them to learn from it, they would give this conclusion is we ask them about the universe: the world is flat, sky is consisted of firmament/layers where the stars sticks there and Allah is on the 7th layer, the world exists a few thousand years ago at the time of Adam, etc, etc. This is 7th century knowledge, not 21th, which make sense if the Quran is created by 7th century people. And so does the Quranic moralities, and the same applies to the bible or torah (you get my point). There has been no holy scriptures that will consistently produce the same conclusions and results produced by science.

If we put a baby on an island and raise them there with the books of science meanwhile, and provide sufficient tech or support, we will get the same conclusions that science has made, at least in the past. We will not however produce the conclusion that an omnipotent being created the universe, life and everything etc.

The point is, the more I look at religions as merely a set of teachings, practices, and cultures, the more the world make sense. Islam vs. Buddhist ideas is like, Keynesian vs. Austrian School, although the latter uses statistics and research to bsck their claims. There is little, or more correctly no evidence that God, or that God exists. IMO any reason or fallacy that suggest the existence of God also suggest the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Of course I'm going to stay as a muslim in public, doing the contrary will be asinine in Indonesia. I also haven't officially leave all religion, at least not yet. The other religions have more holes, so the big choice here is either Islam or agnosticism.

Still, I also really like the idealized stories of Muhammad used to teach morality (at least in moderate Indonesian's way of story distortion), which is undeniablly good - they're idealized, after all. Muhammad isn't actually all-bad, he do sought a betterment from the barbaric pagan society.

TL;DR I have brain and I'm not following anything blindly.

Politics + CFR development

Basically, I believe in pragmatism - which is why I'm kinda inconsistent in my beliefs. Look at where the problems are, try to solve them according to the means available - done. And by 'problems', I mean: human survival (climate change, AI), economy (growth, infrastructure), prosperity (welfare and welfare state sustainability), and liberty. I tend to view zero-value identitarism beliefs (race, religion, culture, nation etc) as merely 'natural barriers' whose effect can only be mitigated or reduced, just like hurricanes and ebola - hoping for them to go away is like a pilot hoping for gravity to perish. I also have a strong preferrence to large regional unions and politicians brave enough to take unpopular decisions. I am open to all ideology and will not hesitate to move to other other side, but for now I'm staying on centrist classical liberalism.

6 extinction events: Ordovian-Silurian, Late Devonian, Permian-Triassic, Triassic-Jurassic, Cretaceous-Paleogene, and Anthropocene extinction.

My primary world concern is of course not bull-defecate like inequality or LGBT+ rights, but the actual survival of the world. Mostly because the report of the 2100 "hothouse earth", which has a possibility of 30% and their optmistic views of 45-48C average temperature in India etc, destruction of the food system, mass starvation, socio-economic collapse and the reduction of the world's carrying capacity to one billion. The Paris Agreement, which targets I believe can only be 100% reached if Trump is overthrown by AOC or something stupid is still bad, e.g the extinction of worldwide coral reefs. That doesn't include AI or genetic engineering.

Also since overpopulation can be effectively countered by economic growth, for our own good we must radically support the poorer Sub-Saharan countries, introducing liberal institutions and free market so they can stand on their own feet. All of this things requires global effort, a quite dictatorial one actually, now, which is why I find it easy to be a globalist.

This is partly why I've been distanced from Islam - when I asked my colleague's opinion, their answer is "God has given the way, that wouldn't happen". Yeah, no. You are part of the problem. And the denials extends to 2017 at the hyperracist Jakarta gubernatorial elections, when governor BTP was ousted after he "insulted the holy Quran" and his reclamation effort cancelled. Problem is, his replacer is a decadent populist politician whose goal is to make people happy (ignorance is bliss) - ignoring the fact that his city is literally f*cking sinking to the ocean and he has done nothing effective to stop it.

My proudest day, ever, which I will be narcissisticly bring up until the literal end of time (death). (Context for those who don't know: LinkJoko Widodo)

Well, principles can differ wildly from what you actually do in the world.

Jokowi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(Okay, this is becoming a full-blown political campaign but hell)



Alasan memilih Jokowi
1. Bersih: Jokowi bersih dari Linkkorupsi, bukan orba, tidak Linkmenggelapkan pajak, Linkmembobol dana, Linkmelanggar ham, Linkgenosida, atau Linkculik. Kalo orang2 yang melakulan itu tiba-tiba jadi presiden kan bahaya.

2. Merakyat: Jokowi beneran peduli dan mau susah melakukan sesuatu buat rakyat, dan menjamin masa depan. Infrastruktur, dan sekarang SDM/pendidikan kan wajib kalau kita mau maju. Bukan menyengsarakan bangsa dengan kesenangan sesaat (subsidi).

3. Kerja Nyata: Jokowi mencukuri secara besar2an kartel, mafia, penggelapan pajak dan main uang/proyek, contoh (yg aku tau langsung) di BUMN Len. Lebih penting lagi, Jokowi tidak punya waktu untuk melakukan maskirovska strategi hoax atau sandiwara pura2 peduli pada rakyat (pdhl cuma haus kekuasaan). Jokowi juga orang yang senang memperbaiki sistem langsung (revolusi mental itu bukan bohong belaka), tdk seperti yg lain yg thn 2014 aja mau nunjuk Ical jadi Perdana Menteri buat ngurus hal2 gituan (kebayang hasil/bocornya bakal gmn).

Mengapa aku nggak nyoblos Prabowo

1. Disebutkan diatas

2. Golongan Islam radikal, FPI dll akan semakin berkuasa dan berpengaruh, dan massa-massa religius fasis akan semakin punya kekuatan dan leverage untuk melemahkan institusi hukum dan menegakkan mobocracy (hukum diberlakukan bukan karena sesorang salah, tapi agar massa tidak ngamuk c: BTP, Meliana, YLBHI).

3. Kombinasi sikap anti-media DAN bekas pentolan orba dimana zaman orba dulu oposisi/kritik diculik/tembak/tenggelamkan ke laut Banda DAN ketagihan kampanye hoax sistematis Maskirovska.

4. Kebijakan ekonomi Orba: buat rakyat senang dg subsidi gila-gilaan yg dibayar dg hutang dan eksploitasi SDA ("nEgaRA KItA kan KAyA rAKYat nYa hARus KayA dONg" - dengan cara?).

5. Program:
-Prabowo mau menghambat/sama sekali ketinggalan tentang pertumbuhan startup, teknologi, olshop, dan unicorn di Indonesia yang telah menghasilkan jutaan lapangan kerja + harapan Indonesia menjadi negara maju. (Dan kemungkinan aku bakal kerja di perusahaan tech nanti)
-Prabowo dan kroninya janji memotong pajak dan janji menaikan pajak (rasio pajak:GDP) yang berhasil dipungut.
-Satu-satunya cara mencapai hal itu adalah dengan a) menaikkan pajak penghasilan 2x lipat (ekonomi hancur-hancuran + demo) atau b) memohon pada Allah agar diturunkan uang dari langit.
-Prabowo janji menurunkan harga dan janji menaikkan harga, untuk menyejahterakan masing2 emak-emak dan petani.
-Prabowo sepertinya mau menghentikan reformasi agrikultur Jokowi dan membuat pemerintah mengambil alih kepemilikan lahan pertanian. Terakhir kali pemerintah melakukan ini zaman orba, malah dibagi2 kayak kue, sementara Prabowo sekarang punya >3.400.000.000 m, Sandi (ibunya temen Tatiek) malah masuk grup oligarki yang mengontrol ~60% lahan sawit Kalimantan.
-Prabowo janji akan menjadi "Chief Law Enforcement Officer", padahal sangat berbau intervensi pemerintah terhadap hukum (apalagi bekas orba).
-Kebijakan proteksionisme gila-gilaan.
-Prabowo ingin menaikkan pertumbuhan ekonomi ke 10%. Jokowi juga janji 5-7% di 2014, sebelum "temper tantrum" negara berkembang, Trump dan Brexit memaksa kita milih stabilitas>pertumbuhan. Tapi 10% mah bullsh*t.
-Menaikkan gaji pegawai negara agar tidak korupsi, misal Gubernur Jateng cm 8jt. Tapi a) gaakan ngaruh dan b) bayaran tunjangan mereka sudah 12x lipat nilainya, jadi buat apa (kecuali kita mau naikin gaji mereka 1000% atau sesuatu).
-Program2 lain bisa disimpulkan "subsidi untuk bisnis x dan intervensi pemerintah", atau tampak sangat tidak menjunjung modernisasi ekonomi.
-Sementara banyak program-program yang lumayan bagus (bank2, modal buat umkm, rumah, kilang/smelter, pajak perusahaan dll) sudah masuk program, sedang dikerjakan, atau sudah dikerjakan Jokowi jadi Prabowo cuma tiru2 buat kampanye.

6. Emosional dan mudah tersinggung, tapi tidak sepintar Trump + karirnya di zaman orba dihabiskan untuk "mendiamkan" oposisi/aktivis yang vokal terhadap Papah Besar (Suharto) dan rezimnya.

7. Prabowo adalah ketua partai, tugasnya memberi makan partai agar hidup. Selain itu kepentingan/skandal/bocor/tudingan Prabowo dan Sandi di sawit, tambang, bisnis, dana telkom, dan penggelapan pajak juga sangat mencurigakan, dan mereka akan sangat terbantu kalo berkuasa. HGU 3.400.000.000 m sawit juga kita ga tau kapan izinnya berakhir, apalagi setelah UU Agraria diubah Jokowi (inti kebijakan agraria Jokowi: pengusaha besar tidak boleh beli tanah kosong lagi, Luhut: "saya juga tidak beli, kalo saya beli tanah kosong di zaman Jokowi, boleh ambil tuh tanah"). Sandi malah ikut grup oligarki pemilik 60% sawit Kalimantan. Hubungan Prabowo dengan mafia migas Petral (yang dibubarkan Jokowi) 2014 juga super mencurigakan.


Reasons to vote for Jokowi:

1. Clean: Jokowi is clear from Linkcorruption, not member of the New Order military dictatorship clique, doesn't Linkevade taxes, Linklaunder funds, Linksystematically violates human rights, or Linkkidnaps and kills the opposition. Wouldn't it be dangerous if the peoples who do such things suddenly becomes president?.

2.Pro-People: Jokowi genuinely wants to do something for his people, and guarantee the future. Infrastructure, and now manpower quality/education is obligatory if we're going forward. Don't sell our future for presently joy (subsidy).

3.Real Work (real result): Jokowi's term saw a dramatic destruction/prevention on large swathes of cartels, mafias, tax evasion and corruption. (My source= personal testimony of a relative that works in SOE Len Industry.) More importantly, Jokowi also don't spend his time to launch Trump-esque systematic hoax campaign and sandiwara (theatrical acting) to make someone looks like he care about the people, while in reality he just wants power. Jokowi also wants to fix the system (turns out "mental revolution isn't bullsh*t), as opposed to someone who in 2014 wanted to appoint influental mogul Ical as Prime Minister (imagine what will the result/leak be).

Why I don't vote for Prabowo:
1. Mentioned above

2. Radical fascist islamists movements will ve way more powerful and resourcesful, paving the way for the weakening of the rule of law and mobocracy (law 'enforced' not because of law, but to calm down the angry mob - e.g BTP and Meliana's blasphemy conviction, YLBHI event's forced closing after mobs accused it as "communist").

3. Threesome between hostility to the media, being a key ex-member of the media-closing activist-kidnapping New Order military dictatorship, and being reliant on Trump-esque Maskirovska hoax campaign.

4. New Order military dictatorship's economic policy: keep the people happy through large subsidies funded by debt and natural resources exploitation.

5. Programs:
-Prabowo has a hostility / very outdated view of and doesn't keep up to the development of startups, tech, online market, and unicorns. In fact his outdated New Order Big Govt policies would halt them. (And it's likely that I'll work in a tech company in the future).
-Prabowo and his cronies promises to cut taxes and promises to increase taxes collection ratio. (Despite the current rate isn't very high, not past the laffer curve).
-The only way to achieve this is a) double the income tax (and the economy destroyed while the people riots) or b) pray to Allah to rain down money from the sky.
-Prabowo promises to raise prices and promises to lower prices to make both farmers and housewives happy.
-Insane protectionist policies.
-Looks like Prabowo wants to stop Jokowi's land distribution reform and seize state control over farm land ownership. Last time this can happen is during the military dictatorship, where (enforced by gun(?)) the land is instead divided by the corrupt oligarchs like cake. Today Prabowo controls 3.400.000.000 m of land while his VP Sandi (whose mom is close to former dictator Suharto's daughter, Tatiek) is member of the oligarchy that controls ~60% of Kalimantan's palm oil farms.
-Prabowo wants to be the "Chief Law Enforcement Officer", which sounds really like "govt intervention in law" especially considering he's member of the New Order military dictatorship.
-Prabowo wants to raise growth to 10%. Jokowi also promised 5-7% in 2014, although compromises is made after the developong nations' "temper tantrums", Trump, and Brexit force us to prioritize stability over growth. But 10% is just bullsh*t.
-Increase the salary of bureaucrats to prevent them for corruption. He pointed out the Governor of Central Java whose salary is $571/month. But a) not gonna work and b) those people is already paid allowances worth 12 as much, except if we're raising their salary 1000% which is just stupid. (Remeber life in Indonesia is much cheaper)
-Other programs are basically "big subsidy for business x, and the govt takes care", or don't really points to modernization, which is asininely necessary in the 21th century.
-Meanwhile many of Prabowo's good programs (establishment of various people's banks, capital for small entrepreneurs, housing, oil refineries and smelters, corporate tax reforms etc) has been included in Jokowi's programs, is in progress, or even already completed by Jokowi so Prabowo is only copying for campaign purposes.

6. He is emotional and unstable, but not as smart as Trump (master of charisma). Plus, his career during the military dictatorship is literally spent on silencing the opposition (therefore the kidnapping acussations) critical to Big Papa's (Suharto) regime.

7. Prabowo is a party chairman, whose primary tasks is to feed his party. Besides, we shouldn't forget about his and Sandi's various financial interests in palm plantation, mineral mines, factories, Telkom funds, and tax avoidances, all of which are incredibly suspicious. The 3.400.000.000 m palm land he owned is a direct conflict of interest, especially since Jokowi's reform is "no mogul can buy more empty land anymore" and his prime minister Luhut: "I also don't/can't buy new lands in his era, if you find me buying new lands, seize it". Prabowo's relation with the oil mafia Petral (now killed by Jokowi) is incredibly suspicious too.

So, if you're a fellow wkwkwklandic, uh... coblos no. 01 ok? They have better reputation, history, experience, their programs are better, and they align with my interest. Prabowo meanwhile, it is clear that his primary interest is to become president instead of fix the country. There is a difference between having leaky ministers, great ministers and a good president (as Jokowi will push a great program and, after struggles, maybe accept some holes here and there for Luhut/Rini/Puan/Mega/Wiranto/JK's interests to maintain political support) vs. having leaky ministers and leaky president (enlarge the holes as big as possible/the entire project is the hole.) I'm going to launch an Indonesian election thread soon to get a neutral discourse.

Random political opinions

  • I value real values e.g prosperity, liberty, and happiness over artificial constructs such as "nation", "honor", "race" etc.

  • My views of religion are mixed with a hint of scepticism. While still a practicing, moderate Kebab, I'm not shy of seeking and discussing taboo topics.

  • Religion, nation, racism, private property, money, greed isn't going to perish. Accept that. We should strive for the best possible condition, not the best condition.

  • LGBT people are people, with the same rights. Not less, not more.

  • I believe that private is inherently more efficient. However, despite claiming to be a classical liberal, I don't reject the possible values of large government intervention especially in recession, education, infrastructure, and welfare.

  • Real power rests inside a gun and nuclear warheads has saved the world from WWIII, although accidents are very dangerous. Even without the MAD, we already have the capability to destroy human civilization (biological, chemical, Kessler syndrome).

  • Flexibility is the way to go. We can never expect the Saudis to become a liberal democracy overnight. Vietnam/China style reforms in the DPRK is infinitely better than a revolution, even if the evil regime is kept in power.

  • People opposing climate change, GMO, nuclear power, vaccine are stupid people.

  • I'm very republican and would love to see the downfall of monarchies. That being said I view the British royal family as less of an outdated relic and more of an effective tourist attraction and fundraiser. So yes, monarchy should stay ONLY if a) the people want them and b)they can afford for themselves. See CGP Grey.

  • People are absolutely more efficient when they are chasing their own interests over "working for a common good" as taught by fascist and communists alike. This is why capitalism is superior and self-policing like China's Social Credit System will be way more effective compared to Saudi religious police and political repression.

  • Welfare state are good, but only if they are sustainable. Right now, developed countries are facing a real "first world problem" where population growth slows down and welfare become unsustainable. Putting immigrants is only a short-term fix of this problem.

  • Populists don't end in a bang, but in a whimper. They are a reaction to a decadent establishment, but electing them isn't a solution. Reform is.

  • My preferred solution to the
    Israel-Palestinian conflict.

    About Israel, we can only choose 2 between these 3: "Jewish Israel" (Jews and arabs libe separately and keep their culture), "Peaceful Israel", and "Big Israel" (1 state solution). I personally prefer the first and second option (i.e two-state solution), and would like to see a) Palestine is united under Fatah and protected by UN funds and troops or b)Palestine is annexed by Egypt and Jordan.
  • We need UN parliamentary assembly, elected by the people. By having an elected UN, global confederation is the obvious way to go.

  • There need to be much more and stronger regional unions. Cooperation is always good. EU must push for federation and with enough punishment, Britain is the perfect opportunity to be turned into an example of disaster caused by foolish judgements.

  • Germany is wrong to view the EU as their empire, because the short-term benefit will be outweighed by the mess of EU disintegration. People's prosperity > national awesomeness.

Wunderstrafanstalt Trivia

  • Words of the day: "however", "while", "quickly", "though".

  • We have 9 "airbases" (puppets), all used for special events e.g the nuclear war (shameless I know).

  • Wunderstrafanstalt is not my views in the real world, they are way less extreme. However, this is definitely how I will govern.

  • While I'm not really fond of anime, it's very difficult to find a good and representative picture (and not insult the person whose photo will be used.). Nowdays I just mix both.

Personal Trivia

  • I live in Paris van Java, West Java (duh), Wkwkwkland, Southeast Asia. Those are actually real and commonly accepted pseudonym of real places.

  • "Len E. Nirfizayr" is my net pseudonym. "Len" is the acronym of the railway company that employs my mom. "E. Nirfizayr" is an anagram of my surname.

  • But there are no surname system in Wkwkwkland, so my (surnameless) parents just uniterally decided to create one for the cool factor.

  • I would describe myself as 'narcissistic introvert' especially in the internet where I don't have to interact face-to-face with two-digited untermenchen. (I'm very friendly though so don't fear me).

    Yukom Pyreksa, SOZI dictator
    who was overthrown by Kalvar's
    students revolution. He also
    looks like Linksomebody else
  • One reason why I'm interested in history and politics is my family lore who experienced New Order dictatorship's repression. My grandfather tried to tame down the corruption plaguing his state-owned company, and he was a) fired, b) accused with corruption, and c) accused as communist. My uncle's acquaintances (from Trisakti Univ.) was worse: they was shot to death by the military regime. (The shot sparked national riots which ultimately toppled the regime though, so they had their revenge).

    I don't dismiss the dictator's success on the economy and repairing the horrible damage the communist-ish Old Order had done, especially his great technocratic policies at his first 3 terms. The brutal repressions, various genocides and the lunaticly ridiculous amount of corruption meanwhile is God-Condemnable.

  • My music taste is just strange.

  • I listen to communist army songs every time I'm above the treadmill. Does anyone do that?

  • I have a strange admiration for savvy politicians and their dirty tactics for personal gains. Maybe it's why I look past personal characters and prioritize ideology and policies, something you may call 'hypocrisy' - "I love him if he's on my side".

  • Random fact: Being somewhat an antisocial person, I didn't fare well with the bullies at school years ago. But one day I stumbled upon one of my bully's IQ test report, and seeing the laughable surprising 2 digit - now you know where that very Wunderstrafanstaltian insult came from - I became more accepting, more tolerant and more interested in eugenics.

  • I cannot for God's sake differentiate between left and right. I must use "outside factors" to determine them, e.g my heart or making an "L" from my fingers.


"Help! I'm slowly drifting to the left!" Begone, Sanderist Obamaist pests - please?
-Inner me facing the increasing personal distaste and un-evidence-proofingibility of libertarian capitalism. (you know, the "f*ck government" type).

"The EU, UN and the world order is in need of dire reforms for survival and their collapse (which, let's be honest is what the populist movements wants) will be very, very, very unimaginably disastrous. I don't see those critical reforms happening anytime soon, which is why in this universe I let the SOZIs burn the world in populist waves, creating unimaginable chaos, dictatorships, wars, even climate-related disasters. Then, just like Hobbes's Leviathan (and arguably WW2) a new order is then born from the ashes, stronger than ever before."
-Me in this dispatch talking about the kurzgesagt of Wunderstrafanstalt Universe history.

"Wkwkwkland's working population will be in it max capacity in 2025, and the state must create a sufficient vessel or this country is doomed. How do we achieve that, and I'm not pulling this from my asses but from Lowy's research, is a) continuous infrastructure funding, b) more foreign direct investment, c) higher tax return. But this guy you support literally run his campaign on a) we don't eat infrastructure we need cheaper food, b) F*CK FOREIGNERS F*CK CHINA F*CK INVESTMENTS MAKE WKWKWKLAND GREAT AGAIN REEEEE, and c) ditch land tax. Oh, and he also evaded tax to Bermuda - not really a sign of "higher national tax return". And people voted for him, why, because of the blasphemy case, "incumbent isn't manly enough", "opposition says food are expensive and they're obviously correct" (despite inflation rate stays paralyzed at 3%) and "incumbent is a chinese anti-religion libtard communist" nonsense - this country is doomed."
-Me propaganding political smear talking about the current opposition in Wkwkwkland's government with my politically ignorant friend.

"Dog! Ignorance! Monkey!
-Standard swear words which will be very rude when translated to Wkwkwklandic.

"Real racism, bigotry cannot be eradicated, just like gravity. Surprisingly race isn't really important in it - human tribalism can always find differences. The worst contemporary genocide happened in the Balkans and Rwanda - tell me, what are the f*cking difference between them that made it worth murdering eachother?"
-Me facing an actually racist anti-Chinese anti-Jewish friend acquaintance.

Oh, and if you read until here, my appreciation! (Imaginary Hug). And you might feel like the long blocktext parts where I passionately write is filled to the brim with various unneutral agendas designed to campaign for a particular point of view. Because it is.