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Species Footnotes

There are many species in the zravvisk's galaxy, these are summaries of some species that are in the Armada.

(Credit: Chozo, Metroid Prime)
The Chozo:
An ancient and advanced species that is practically extinct. In their heyday the chozo Empire covered a significant portion of the galaxy. The chozo had great interest in scientific, spiritual, and war matters. Legends say that chozo warriors were able to take on entire armies on their own and win. chozo technology remains difficult to replicate. Something about it is beyond most nations’ understanding of the universe. The chozo word for what about their technology that nations cannot replicate translates to magic.

The chozo are also quite noticeable for being one of the few empires to form an alliance with the Armada of the Zravvisk. The zravvisk were impressed that the chozo warriors were some of the only infantry that could take on a zravvisk warrior in equal combat, and apparently the feeling was mutual.

The decline of the chozo started centuries ago. They had thrown themselves so far into their conquests and research that they had been ignoring internal problems. Notably, their declining birth rates that meant their elderly were outnumbering their young. When they finally did notice, it had progressed to the point where it was a crisis. As the chozo debated solutions, they started thinking about their hunger for glory and their legacy. Many started wondering if they wanted to be known as conquers, and many decided no. A pacifist movement started calling for disarmament and granting independence to their conquests. A war faction opposed them at every turn, but it kept growing and the empire would adopt their reforms.

As the pacifists celebrated and the empire began disarmament the war faction came up with a despite plan. As the disarmament continued the War faction launched an attempted coup. This is the act that sealed the fate of the chozo empire. The coup failed, but the war faction had enough support that the empire was plunged into civil war. The fighting was long and brutal with even the Armada of the Zravvisk joining the loyalist side. Eventually the loyalist side won, but not without severe losses. The population crisis was even worse now with many young dying in the war, the zravvisk took many loses and isolated themselves from the galaxy, and they were not sure if they got all of the war faction.

There was no way that the chozo could ever recover naturally from the crisis now, there just weren’t enough members of their species left that could reproduce. The chozo thought about the hubris that lead to this and decided that maybe it was their time. They accepted their extinction, but they would try teaching the galaxy to avoid their mistakes before they left. They granted independence to all of their conquests, started sharing their technology to improve life across the galaxy, and founded a Galactic Federation so that peace could prevail in the galaxy.

Now, only a handful of chozo live, all of which are very old. Their Galactic Federation is still dedicated to peace but is still only one power. Many hunt for chozo ruins since each piece of chozo tech is worth a fortune. However, many will fall the automated defenses there, the flora and fauna that made the ruins their homes, other treasure hunters, and according to some accounts, even the ghosts of the chozo themselves. There are rumors of a bounty hunter in a custom chozo power suit, but many think she’s just a legend.


The only sapient species of the gigafauna classification. Standing at about 50 meters, these reptilian titans are by far the largest sapient species in galaxy. It is unknown how they and other species on Dionov managed to reach these sizes without being crushed by their own weight according the square-cube law. While not terribly bright by galactic standards, their hide is thick enough to be immune to all forms of weaponry below starship-class. Their claws been have adapted to burrowing, allowing them to move surprisingly fast underground.

They are stuck in what most species would consider the Stone-Age, at their size high strength alloys are required to able to replace their tools made of the planet’s wood and bones. All galactic contact with them is managed by the zravvisk, and so they have made the planet an outpost of the Armada. The zravvisk are on quite good relations with the Dionovains, helping to build structures and engaging in trade, and are well aware that many empires would love to use the Dionvains as weapons. All expeditions to Dionov must be cleared with the zravvisk to make must there is no ill intent and for the zravvisk to provide protection from the planet’s dangerous gigafauna.

There have been signs of a Dionovain in the remains of some of the space pirate Ridley’s attacks, leading to the troubling conclusion that he somehow got his claws on one.

The Fairvisk:
One of the paradoxes of the galaxy. Like their name suggests, they are closely related to the (in)famous zravvisk. In fact, they share a common ancestor. However, their home planets are across the galaxy from each other. It is unknown how they got thrown across the galaxy since they evolved into fairvisk long before any FTL technologies were invented. They are much smaller than their cousins and do not share the zravvisk’s ability to survive in the vacuum of space, but they’re considered one of the most beautiful species in the galaxy.

While the zravvisk had their homeworld shatter and found their precursor ships, the fairvisk took the more traditional approach to exploring space. The fairvisk developed their society and technologies until they finally began launching missions into space. The missions to space were the greatest moments, for both the fairvisk and the slavers used the missions to find a new primitive species to enslave. The fairvisk weren’t prepared to face an invasion by space and their defenses fell in hours and their entire species was enslaved.

Slavery was not kind to them. They were often worked to the bone and being one of the more beautiful species meant that owners with unique desires sought after them. This continued for centuries, until they organized a slave revolt and with the help of foreign allies gained their liberty. But they now occupied much of their former masters’ territories and were quite eager for karmic revenge. They proceeded to enslave their former masters despite their allies’ protests and abandonment.

With their first contact ending in their enslavement and their allies abandoning them in their justified revenge, the fairvisk gained a mistrust of aliens and xenophobia runs rampant in them. The fairvisk continued expanding and slaves soon become a status symbol for them. One of their unique practices is what they call karmic slaving, any slave owning species that they capture will be enslaved and any slaves they had will be promoted into third class citizens able to own their masters. They’re disliked by both abolitionist empires and slave owner empires.

The fairvisk’s relationship with the zravvisk is complicated. The fact that they’re related interacts with their xenophobia in strange ways. They’ll use their ancestry with the zravvisk to help prove their superiority over the rest of the galaxy's species while decrying the zravvisk for being uncivilized and having their technology handed to them. The zravvisk care little for their slaving ways and xenophobia. They have also had quite a few wars with each other as the fairvisk’s xenophobia sometimes crosses into genocide which forces the Armada to deal with them. Despite this the fairvisk let the Armada travel though their empire with no hassle, will help the Armada if they’re near the fairvisk boarders even without being asked, and are the most common species in the Armada’s auxiliaries.

Humans are a mammalian species hailing from Earth. They are fairly average by galactic standards excluding their extortionary stamina and endurance. They are one of the species that never united after reaching FTL technology and so there are multiple human governments.

Their pre-FTL interactions with the zravvisk are quite interesting. The legendary human St. George is only pre-industrial sapient recorded who has killed a member of the zravvisk species. The zravvisk and human versions of the tale are quite different. The human version has St George saving a princess from the zravvisk and beheading it after using it to Christianize a town, while the zravvisk version has the zravvisk helping the princess from an arranged marriage and was killed by a very lucky lance hit to their eye. Most scholars agree that the zravvisk version is likely the most accurate one.

This but with wings and shorter. (Credit: Kir'ko, Age of Wonders: Planetfall)

The Krirken:
Millennia ago they were a hivemind that started expanding into the stars. Powerful psionics and of one mind they seemed posed to be able to take over the galaxy. Then something happened, something broke their hivemind. Forced to deal with internal politics for the first time, infighting started to break out. Within years their society collapsed from the newfound stress.

Now, they are back on the galactic stage able to start figuring out their internal problems. While not as united as they once were, they once again have a space faring society. There is talk of rebuilding the hivemind, but many krirken are nervous to the idea. While it is the way they are supposed to be and their golden age, it was also millennia ago and what would it mean for their new-found individuality?

There are two races in the krirken:
Queens: All female race since they can only metamorphosize from female drones. They are able to birth many krirken like their insect cousins, but the ability for drones to have their own kids and their large psychic power suggests they were responsible for being the relay beacons for the hivemind. Have four legs and two arms and are big by krirken standards. Tend to be leaders since psionic power is essential to the krirken hierarchy.

Drones: The more humanoid part of the species. Comes in both male and female. They were the workers and soldiers of the hivemind, keeping the valuable queens safe. Female have more developed psionic power while the males tend to be bigger and have more developed corrosive bile organs. This causes a tend toward female leaders since they have more psionic power to organize with. Short by the galactic standard since they hail from a high gravity world.

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