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New Assembly Vote (24 November 2018)


Assembly Announcement


A proposal has been introduced to amend Articles 1 and 2 of the LinkElections Act.

The debate thread can be found Linkhere, and the voting thread is Linkhere.

A motion and a second have been received to bring this amendment to a vote.

As this proposal is for an amendment to a constitutional law, the voting period is five days and will require a three-fifths supermajority to pass. The vote will end on 29 November, 2018, at 9:30 a.m. (UTC).

Note: Words highlighted in green indicates additions to the text. Contrastingly, words highlighted in red indicates subtractions.

1. Election Commission

(1) An Election Commission will be appointed to administer all forum elections, consisting of at least one unique member from the following bodies, or their duly chosen surrogates--
a. The Forum Administration Team, solely to observe,
b. The Council on Regional Security,
c. The High Court.

(1) An Election Commissioner will be appointed by the Council on Regional Security to administer all forum elections.

(2) The commissioners Commissioner will be responsible for the creation of election notices, the organization of election forums, the verification of candidate eligibility, the distribution and collection of ballots, and counting and verifying cast ballots.

(3) No member of the Election Commission may The Commissioner may not run for office or hold the office of Delegate, Prime Minister, or Cabinet Minister, during their tenure on the commission as Commissioner.

(4) The commission will be a permanent body, with members replaced as needed due to inactivity or ineligibility by their respective bodies. Two-thirds of the commission, or a majority of the Assembly, may remove a sitting commissioner for corruption or abuse of power.

(4) The Commissioner will be a permanent position and shall be replaced as needed due to inactivity or ineligibility by the Council on Regional Security. The Assembly may remove, by a majority vote, a Commissioner for abuse of power or neglect of responsibilities.

(5) Any election-related disputes will be arbitrated by the Election Commission Commissioner; should the dispute be on a matter of law, the Election Commission Commissioner shall refer it to the High Court. Commissioners The Commissioner will not finalize any election until all disputes have been settled.

2. Electoral System


(3) Voters will have the option to cast their privately vote using a secret ballot. The method of private voting will be selected by the Election Commission. The method must utilize an unaffiliated account or server, with the method and all votes remaining available for audit. Named ballots are not to be released under any circumstances.

(4) To be eligible to be included in a voting ballot, any candidate must post a campaign in an area designated by the Election Commission. The campaign must prominently include a truthful declaration of all potential conflicts of interest the candidate may have within and outside of the South Pacific.

A reminder that to maintain Legislator Status, you must vote in at least half of the votes each month that there are two or more votes. (New legislators are exempt from votes they couldn't have been around for, of course.) Alternatively, if you have good reasons for absence, you may file a Linkleave of absence, or display other activity in the Assembly.

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