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King Endrijo Mezikou de Castellios

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Endrijo Mezikou de Castellios

Endrijo smiling for a photo, standing in the streets outside Gran Palacia

King of La Paz de Los Ricos

In office:
January 29, 2018 - Present

Personal Details


February 9, 1982 (age 36)
Cɾ̣udorado, Gran Dorado, La Paz de Los Ricos



Political Party:

Treangolist Party (Partida Treangolista)






Universidad Dorada Ricana (Ricano Golden University)
- Degree in Political Studies


Atheist, formerly Catholic


"I am certain that I am a descendant of the Casatellan Royal Family."
- Endrijo Mezikou de Castellios at his coronation.

King Endrijo Mezikou de Castellios is one of the two leaders of the Realization of La Paz de Los Ricos, one of the two members of the Duumvirate, a member of the Ricano Treangolist Party, and Second Leader of the nation. He is the second-in-command for the government, and one of the main founders and interpreters of the Treangolist ideology, co-author of the Treangolist Charter and the Fluidity Accords, and assisted in the installation of the still-in-effect Treangolist Realization. He has been king for less than a year, but his Coronation Anniversary is approaching in January 29th.

King Endrijo has always been an advocate for Ricano defense, and while supports the ideas of individual freedoms, has expressed his wishes for more monitoring of the state and the expansion of the military force. While King Alejandro V has been a pacifist, Endrijo has been considered the "other half", a "yang" to the other's "yin". Endrijo wants to prioritize the military budget when discussing Ricano military spending, and has always been a de facto representative of the defense forces and police. Currently, he is the tenth monarch in Ricano history, third of the Casatellan Blood, and the second diarch, serving alongside King Alejandro Désio Rámos Del Sol V in the current Treangolist Duumvirate.

Early Life

Endrijo was born February 9, 1982 in Cɾ̣udorado, a small city and capital of the Gran Dorado Province, to parents Bernardo Castellios, and Anika Rejkya, a Croatian immigrant. His father, Bernardo, worked in local politics for the city, several times running for offices in the province, which made the family rather wealthy. Endrijo's upbringing was high class, his family having a decent-sized mansion in the city. During his youth, Endrijo was fascinated by old tales of his bloodline. His ancestors, Casatellan kings, were the original rulers of the land after it declared independence from Spain. He also was intrigued by a presumably ancient coat-of-arms hanging in their lobby, a symbol of their royal heritage. Endrijo performed average in school, receiving passable marks, and never showed much interest in his education. Rather, he wanted to pursue a path that would lead him to royalty.

As a teenager, Endrijo would be incredibly extroverted, always considered as "likable" and "friendly" by his peers. He would be known as the class clown in his school. He would receive progressively worse marks, however, as the school years passed on. He would be taken aside for one-on-one tutoring to try and raise his grades, and he did improve for a time, but he was still doing rather unwell academically.

As Endrijo grew late into his teenage years (around 15), he was coerced by his friends to try some marijuana acquired by a local dealer. Endrijo quickly became addicted, and as he admitted later, did everything he could to hide his possessions. The drug would change his personality, making him excessively violent and quick to anger. Endrijo also admitted that he was conscious of his choices, he knew what he was doing, and that felt powerless against the drug. Eventually, Endrijo switched from marijuana to prescription sleeping pills, which he found much easier to hide his addiction with, since nobody would question the supposed purpose of his "medication".

He was discovered by his father, Bernardo, however, and his family entered a massive feud. Bernardo would begin to violently berate Endrijo, Anika would begin to distance herself from both Endrijo and his father, believing she was the problem, and Endrijo became more outcast and volatile. During his late teenage years, Endrijo became more fierce and quick-tempered, and for a short time, was involved in a stint with a minor gang in western Cɾ̣udorado, participating in small fights and some minor drug dealing.

Anika eventually left the family in early 1999, when Endrijo was 17, leaving Bernardo and Endrijo alone. Bernardo eventually enrolled Endrijo into a drug help program, and over the course of the next two to three years, Endrijo eventually sobered up.

Rise in Politics

After Endrijo waned off of his addiction, he did some more research on his family line with his father, who wanted to see him pursue his goal of becoming a high-ranking politician. Endrijo pored over volumes of Ricano history over the line of succession, while his father wanted him to work in an elected position.

Endrijo had a difficult time finding a college that would accept him due to his past drug abuse, but eventually found that Universidad Dorada, his local university, would accept him under the condition that he was required to live in the selected dormitory and was subject to standard room inspection, which meant he had to move out of his father's house. Endrijo reluctantly joined the school, and during the 1999 school year, began his career in university, pursuing a degree in Political Studies. Bernardo would help his son read and analyze dozens of textbooks about the old Casatellan Royal Family, which Endrijo was convinced would give him a valid claim to the throne, and thus, allow him to lead the country.

Over the course of 1999 through 2001, Endrijo would place his focus on both his political education and his research on his bloodline. He faced increasing pressures from his classes, which proved increasingly difficult, but with help from his father, he persevered and managed to pass all of his exams so far. Bernardo was determined to assist Endrijo reach his goals in order for Endrijo to help better the nation, as Bernardo saw then ruler Alejandro IV to be "abysmal" and a "failure" with his centrist policies.

In March of 2002, Bernardo and Endrijo would attend a small party at a bar called "Más Tarde", a small establishment which many of the residents of the university and the general area attended. Bernardo and another patron would be embroiled in a strong political debate over the ethics of Alejandro IV, escalating to the point where the patron would pull a small letter opener and assault Bernardo with it. Bernardo would suffer severe injuries to his hip, and would be bedridden for most of the year. "Más Tarde" would eventually close down after a decrease in patronage following the stabbing, and the assaulter would be arrested and charged.

Endrijo wanted to stay and tend to his father's needs after his attack, but Bernardo insisted he return to the Dorada Ricana to continue his studies and achieve his degree. Endrijo and Bernardo would come to the compromise that every weekend, Endrijo would drive to be with Bernardo, and when he would be discharged, Endrijo would spend every other week with his father.

Over the next years, Bernardo would work from the hospital, analyzing the royal heritage textbooks while bedridden as Endrijo attended his classes and worked for his degree, with the two conferring over phone call ever chance they got to talk about Bernardo's findings and Endrijo's career. In December 2003, Bernardo was discharged from the hospital, under doctor's orders to participate in physical therapy, which Endrijo volunteered to perform.

In August of 2004, Endrijo would finally graduate, with a degree in Political Studies, and left Universidad Dorada Ricana to be with his father, who in his old age, became more frail and in need of attention from his son. The two would spend the majority of their time working with the information on the Casatellan family, royal succession, and Endrijo's political future, and a significant portion was also devoted to Bernardo's therapy.


In October of 2005, Endrijo ran for Provinceur, the equivalent of an American state governor, for the province of Gran Dorado, against fellow nominee Abas Mekhona, a politician serving as Governer of Cɾ̣udorado. Endrijo would win, even though he had no prior government experience, and his campaign was significantly less funded than Mekhona's.

As Provinceur, Endrijo applied multiple new reforms that would change Cɾ̣udorado's laws on drug use, which Alejandro IV strictly opposed, and also the education systems and other policies. Being Provinceur, Endrijo did have to meet annually in Alvoréɾ̣es with the Departmenteur, meaning he would have to travel away from his father for several weeks every year.

After working as Provinceur for several years, Bernardo would find a passage in an old document of La Paz de Los Ricos which might secure a position as royalty for the nation:

"For After the Entire Years of Fighting had Passed, It Is to Note that Casatellan Royalty has Originally Secured the Place as Ruler of the New State, and Forever shall No Less than One Member of the Casatellan Family Follow the Main Government, though Changed it May Be, as A Member or Member of High Rank."

Endrijo would not use this clause to advance his career, however, as he found it untruthful, and also did not want his government position revoked for trying to use the clause.

On January 10, 2010, Bernardo would die from a particularly powerful case of pneumonia, which left Endrijo alone to deal with his government position and research. In September of 2011, Endrijo would advance to the position of Secretary of Southeast Provinces. On September 27th, 2012, King Alejandro Désio Rámos Del Sol V would be coronated as leader of Los Ricos, and Endrijo attended the coronation ceremony. Over the years, Endrijo would consider Alejandro as a close friend, and would begin conferencing with him personally over issues of the Southeastern Provinces. Endrijo would attend ceremonies and major meetings with Alejandro, further advancing their friendships.

In November through December of 2017, Alejandro would begin to implement the Ricano Reforms, and would select Endrijo to help formulate some of the main foundations of the Ricano Reforms. Endrijo would insert certain clauses to benefit what military their was in the nation, which Alejandro would dislike.

On January 29, 2018, the Ricano Reforms would be implemented, and with it, a clause which listed Endrijo as the fellow diarch in the newly created Duumvirate, with his coronation occurring on February 2, 2018, with him currently serving for about 9 months.


  • Ricano Reforms
    Affectionately called the "Beta Version" of the nation's modern reforms, these reforms established the groundwork for Ricano laws, and eventual Treangolist policies. They laid out the citizen's Basic and Extended Rights. Basic Rights were natural human rights, such as the right to food, water, and shelter, among other things, while Extended Rights were more developed sets of rights, beyond human basic needs, such as freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of media, and other similar rights. It also established that the Kings' offices would be named the "Duumvirate". This was the historic coronation of King Endrijo Mezikou de Castellios, as the Royal Offices was divided into two powers, effectively changing the monarchy to a new diarchy.

  • Treangolist Realization
    The Treangolist Realization, affectionately named the "Alpha Version" of the modern reforms, is the current political ideology of La Paz de Los Ricos, and is based off of the previous ideas in the Ricano Reforms. This lays out the concept that the nation is effectively a triangle, made up of three sides: the State, the Public, and the Self, and also firmly establishes the Right to Individuality. More may be found here.

  • Various Military Reforms
    Over the years, Endrijo has made multiple proposals for military reforms, most of which have not been implemented, due to the majority of the Treangolist government’s officials opposed military operations. As Endrijo worked for the Treangolist government, he made multiple attempts to alter his proposals to conform more with Treangolist ideals, such as the removal of ballistic missile proposals, but this only made the government confirm very few of his proposals.

For & Against

  • For: A better military force, Medicare for all citizens, Treangolism, the Duumvirate

  • Against: The socialist economy, full demilitarization, death penalty, fascism

Personal Information

Endrijo lives a highly public life, actively talking about his life and his interests other than the government. Endrijo is a drummer, and practices daily, much to the annoyance of other government officials, and has begun tutoring Alejandro on the drums as well. Endrijo continues with his outgoing personality, and enjoys travelling around the country to meet the citizens and talking with them. Endrijo enjoys crude humor, and while knows how to opportunely use his dark and risque jokes, is also aware of when not to be crass or funny. He is known as the “dark side” of the “yin-yang” representing the Duumvirate (whereas King Alejandro V is known as the “light side”). He is very popular among the government and high-ranking circles as well, and is genuinely likes by many high-profile officials.

Personal Trivia

  • Endrijo has published several pieces of electronic music, which have largely been unnoticed next to his political background

  • Internet users have denoted that Endrijo uses far more vulgar language than the other members of the government

  • Every year, Endrijo visits his father Bernardo's grave and places a bouquet of flowers on the gravestone.


“What does it matter, why does it matter? It doesn't!”

“You can't call me antagonistic if I'm one of the protagonists!”

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