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Every Mildly Interesting Thing [Ever-Expanding?]



OOC Factbook

Meet the person behind this clustered statisticsfest. Welcome to this dispatch as well. Below here are things that are mildly interesting (read: I wrote them for my own entertainment but also want you to read them :P)

Lists of Important Pets

We do not quite know if you are into random pictures of pets on the internet, but 68% of people we know do. Here are some of those pictures.

Quotes and Context

It used to be more active. This dispatch contains random quotes from our people. Very random. Profound? Yes. Deep? Yes. Funny? Maybe. It will be updated when we have ideas or manage to collect old quotes scattered around the forums.

Zitravgrad as explained by a grumpy-ass somebody

Title says it all, comrade. [This dispatch is OOC in nature. Read with caution.]

Playlist of Good-Quality Slavic Music

We put a whole bunch of theme songs here. Surprisingly, there is no Trololo song in that!

Military Factbook Template

As with all of my factbook templates, it is not perfect. It is more of an information and number lovefest than most factbooks. Try to consult NS Tracker. If not, I advise researching realistic number figures.

Economy Factbook Template

I am actually quite proud of this one. But it is still essentially a lovefest of statistics. Try to consult NS Tracker. If not, I advise researching realistic number figures.

Leader Factbook Template No. 1

So simple and definitely not fancy... Listed in case you want something simple.

Overview Factbook Template

In case you want a template with no effort put in it at all. I put no effort in it at all...

Leader Factbook Template No.2

This is just a little different from the first one. Still not perfect.

Travel Guide to Zitravgrad

It is an official travel guide from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, so it is a mix of "soft power propaganda" and "we are frank about how it works".

What Our Politicians Say and All That Stuff

Take it as a semi-OOC humor factbook. I like throwing shade sometimes!