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Vengeance Class Frigate

Seeing a need to expand the navy in 2004 to better make use of general purpose ships, such as the Heaven Class destroyer. With a more generalist role in mind for the ship, it is to date the most modular dedicated warship in service. Once it finishes the third batch of 2 ships, it is expected to undergo a much larger run of 8 additional ships.


Designed as a guided-missile frigate originally, it was changed to be a more universal class. Being able to switch out its armament for other missions allows this ship to perform almost any task. Its key feature are its modular missile pods mounted to the front of the ship. They can be configured to launch almost any missile that the military has in service. Larger missiles are often fired from the VLS system.


1x PESA Scanner

2x T380 Air/Surface Search Radar

1x T370 Fire Control Radar

1x T300 Navigation Radar

1x T320 Hull Mounted Sonar Array

1x T330 Towed Sonar Array


1x 76mm Dual Purpose Gun

4x Lancer CIWS

2x 324mm Fixed Torpedo Tubes
6 Torpedoes

24 (3 2x4) Type 5G VLS
24 CISD Missile / Swordfish SAM / Block 2 W-21 Cruise Missile

16 (4x4) SSM Launchers
16 Pelican AShM


2x H-70 Helicopters


Displacement: 4,000 tons (full)

Length: 126m

Beam: 14.5m

Draft: 4.5m

Propulsion: 2 x Steam Turbines | 2x 5 blade propellers

Speed: 30 knots (max) 18 Knots (cruising)

Range: 4,000 nmi at 12 knots

Compliment: 300

Unit Cost: $300 Million

In Commission: 2008-Present

In Service: 4

Planed: 6

Ships in Class:

FNS Shom (Sparrow)
FNS Djur (Eagle)
FNS Hvbur (Hummingbird)
FNS Pras (Parrot)