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Type 5 VLS System


The Type 5 VLS system was designed in 1981 to launch [url=] Javelin Missiles[/url] from naval vessels. Multiple variations were tested, with the Type 5 beating out its previous versions.



While the tube system and material was up to standard, there were debates on how the system should be implemented. Early designs were built on a revolver design. One lid with a circular track holding 8 missiles that rotated with a new tube to reload. Soon after, the 2x4 grid system was adopted and became the preferred layout for vessels.



[list][*][b]Type 5A[/b]: 1981- The original revolving design. This used a cold launch system.
[*][b]Type 5B[/b]: 1981- The grid design with 2 rows of 4. Utilizes a hot launch system.
[*][b]Type 5C[/b]: 1996- A carousel improvement. The system was expanded to hold newer and larger missiles such as the [url=] Spirit Cruise Missile[/url].
[*][b]Type 5D[/b]: 1997- A grid improvement to follow the Type 5C, allowing the grid to also fired larger missiles.
[*][b]Type 5E[/b]: 2010-  Improved canister storage for the grid design. Allows the storing of smaller missiles, such as the [url=]CISD SAM[/url], in groups of four in a single cell.
[*][b]Type 5F[/b]: 2011- Improved Canister design for the revolver style.
[*][b]Type 5G[/b]: 2012- Updated venting system for hot launches on the grid design. Replaced water deluge system with a U shaped gas management system similar to the MK57.



[td][url=]Federation Navy[/url][/td]
[url=]Glacier Class Cruiser[/url] [b]Type 5F[/b]
[url=]Vengeance Class Frigate[/url] [b]Type 5G[/b]
[url=]Type 5 Landing Ship[/url] [b]Type 5E[/b]