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Valehart | Constitution

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Valehart


The Will of the Sorceress

    In the proclamation of the highest order, her graciousness, her vivaciousness, Her Prime Majesty High Sorceress, have professed the will of the people of the Republic Federation, to create the constitution of the Federal Republic of Valehart unto which its government, its High Court, its citizenry, and its inhabitants must uphold to the highest degree. In which, we declare its government, its charters, its rights, and its profound dreams of discovery.

The Freedoms of the People

    Article 1. Whereas the High Order of Her Sorceress is supreme to all, all Valehartines are guaranteed freedoms and rights based on the fundamental knowledge and recognition of sentience and of compassion.

The Fundamental Rights to All Sentient Life

    Article 2. All are guaranteed the freedom to;
      a. Follow conscience and religion
      b. Think, develop individual opinion, and to express them
      c. Peacefully assemble, in regards to activism, political assemblies, and etc.

The Democratic Rights to All Citizens

    Article 3. Every citizen of Valehart has the right to vote democratically, for members of the Interplanetary Parliamentary Assembly or of the Astral Senate, in order to accurately represent them and their fellow citizenry in the houses of Concorde, as well as to be accepted into legislature membership.

    Article 4. No member of the Interplanetary Parliamentary Assembly shall hold office for more than ten years; those who are associated may hold their positions for longer unless the state deems it unfit.

    Article 5 (1). No senator of the Astral Senate shall inhibit a seat for more than ten years.

    Article 5 (2). In times of war, invasion, insurrection, or of times of national urgency,