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Lancer CIWS


[size=175][b][i]Lancer Close-in Weapon System[/b][/i][/size]



[b]National Origin[/b]:[nation=short]Domanania[/nation]
[b]Built[/b]: 2008-Present
[b]Unit Cost[/b] $2.3 Million


[b]Type[/b]: Close-in Weapon System
[b]Weight[/b] 9,115 kg
[b]Armament[/b]: [url=]Type 85 "Archer" Rotary Cannon[/url]
[b]Rate of Fire[/b]: 5,000 Rounds Per Minute
[b]Effective Range[/b]: 4,000m
[b]Ammunition Storage[/b]: 2,000 Round
[b]Muzzle Velocity[/b]: 900 Meters Per Second
[b]Elevation[/b] −12 to +88 degrees 
[b]Traverse[/b]: 180 degrees 
[b]Crew[/b]: Automated with Human Oversight
[b]Shell[/b]: High-Explosive Incendiary Fragmentation [b](HEIF) [/b] | Semi-Armor-Piercing High-Explosive Incendiary [b](SAPHEI)[/b] | Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot [b](APDS) [/b] | Armor Piercing High Explosive [b](APHE)[/b]
[b]Caliber[/b]: 30x165mm
[b]Feed System[/b]: Belt Fed
[b]Sights[/b]: Radar, TV-optical


The Lancer System is a Doman attempt at a domestic CIWS using lessons learned from the imported Guardian system. While small in number, the Lancer is planned to be the primary CIWS for Doman ships, eventually replacing the Guardian System.

Built into a stealth turret, the Lancer is low to the ship's hull and is protected from fragmentation. The rotary cannon is gas operated, and delivers a high rate of fire. The shells fired are designed to detonate passed 5,000m. The Lancer has a variety of ammunition to use. It will fire on Guided Munitions, Fast Attack Craft, Fixed Wing Aircraft, Rotary Craft, and soft Land Targets. While it has a wide range of ammunition, only one can be loaded at any time and the whole ammo box must be changed to replace it.

Using radar to identify incoming targets, the fire-control computer will lock onto a target, and automatically fire. However, a single person is needed to override or correct firing solutions. The controller may also take over direct control and manually fire.



[i]Protected Turret[/i]: The gun mount and turret are hard to hit, and are armored which will provide protection against most HE, Fragmentation, and Incendiary rounds.

[i]High RoF[/i]: The high rate of fire means you can get more munitions out to a target in less time than other systems.

[i]Large Shell[/i]: The larger 30x165mm round means that destruction of the target is more likely than with smaller shells.

[i]Versatile Ammo[/i]: The wide selection of ammo types allows this system to provide fire support on a variety of targets, from guided munitions to naval ships, air, and land targets.

[i]Adaptable Mounting[/i]: While the design is meant to go into the deck of the ship, the system can be mounted into almost any existing CIWS mount.


[i]Maintenance[/i]: The rotary cannon used is prone to malfunctions with frequent use. Proper maintenance requires the system to be removed entirely, though quick fixes are possible onboard.

[i]Speed[/i]: The heavy cannon and turret prevent this system from traversing (70/sec), and elevating (50/sec) as quickly as other systems.

[i]Multi-Target[/i]: The slow speed hinders the systems ability to properly asses and deal with multiple targets. This is resolved with advanced computer tracking, and having more than 1 system on most ships.

[i]Changing Ammo[/i]: It takes up to 10 minutes to change the ammunition box, which can leave the ship vulnerable if the wrong ammo type is loaded.



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