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There Must Always Be: Lore [Tiamat's Creations]


The primordial goddess Tiamat was killed along with many other early primordial gods during an early war in the Avestian realms sometime before the creation of humanity. Tiamats monsters and revenge for her fallen husband in the war failed, and as she lay dying an offer from something far beyond her power was made to her. One of the uncaring masters from the rift chose to revive her, and several of the fallen gods granting them powers, and artifacts, but chaining these "fallen gods" to the masters to ensure their obedience. After the gods failed to defeat the uncaring masters for encroaching on earth, and most were slain the survivors chose to retreat to the corners of the earth. This left the fallen gods to prey on the new species of humanity forcing the "old gods" to come out, and protect the fledgling race.

While many new gods since then have been born to replenish the race others such as Shiva, and Ra have fallen becoming corrupted, and reborn wrongly like that of Tiamat. The "mother of monsters" is the most powerful of the fallen gods, and earned this name primarily due to her creation of nearly every monster on the planet. Others such as Ra, and Shiva have deviated some of the monster bloodlines to their personal benefit, but regardless the majority of monsters owe fealty to Tiamat. Several cults have sprung up by humans hoping veneration would allow her to "bless" them as well. Since Tiamat can no longer have children the natural way most often this "blessing" includes force and isn't pretty.

When Tiamat first awoke she became a primordial force and savaged one of the first humans, a male to an act that we today know as rape. No other species had such a concept until Tiamat introduced it to humanity. Zeus was horrified of this, and along with a few other gods swore vengeance against Tiamat for violating the fledgling race, and damning them to a harsh life. From the primordial center of the universe amongst ever generating elements amongst the sleeping void maker, these gods swore the compact promising to defend humanity, and other races against the monsters of the rift, and the corrupted mortals. As such several gods swore for Tiamat to have ironic weaknesses ensuring that a brave soul who fit the task could slay her.


Tiamat was in her original form a primordial goddess of saltwater within the ancient Babylonian pantheon. As such in her reborn albeit corrupted state the gods of the compact chose to enact curses on her body to ensure a human champion could slay her. In the current form unless exposed to these weaknesses she is completely invulnerable, and immortal. Of course, when exposed in salt water, stormy weather, or rain she is rendered vulnerable, and her serpentine dragon form is exposed. Marduks weapons such as arrows blessed in the wind, his net, club, and unbreakable spear must be used to kill her, but some suspect they can at least irrevocably damage her.

Currently, she hides in the form of a teenage girl she possessed back during the time of the Neo-Babylonian empire, but the more investigative hunter can spot her out despite her attempts to hide. Tiamat never keeps the same name and has gone through so many to hide from people hunting her some wonder how long before she breaks. She has emotions like anyone else and is connected to all of her "children" in some way or the other. Some humans reportedly have even fallen in love with a being like her, and have been her consorts through the centuries. Whether by a hunter or by herself one day she will meet the end, and with this new world her time is short.

The Waysiders

Death is viewed as a natural process, and the corruption caused by Tiamat, and the other gods caused such disturbance that the architects founded in order to deal with them. Mortals who died unjustified or cruel deaths were sought out by one of the many servants of the architects and offered great power in exchange for total obedience. These "waysiders" would drink from a cup with a special blood that granted them powers and allowed them to finish their business. Once done they became flushed with red veins showing they were now property to the architects. The wayside a realm of dreams, and horrors in which billions upon billions of souls rested in a sleep-like state until they could be moved to the twilight kingdom was being thrown in chaos.

Monsters were killing people off faster than the afterlife could handle, and as such the waysiders were put to work maintaining order there, and in the mortal realms. Normally the process of death was handled without much intervention, but now the waysiders would be present at the deaths of everyone, and when there was time would ensure that the monster population was kept in check. This was done by training humans to hunt them and put them down especially the firstborn of Tiamat known as the Ravenous. The Ravenous at their core mocked the process of death, and as such was considered an abomination to the natural order. Originally the souls of Ravs were forced to wander the realms of the living as listless spirits for their mockery, but many gods and others considered that cruel and wanted it revoked.

If wanting a waysider can personally purify a monster of the "curse" placed on them by Tiamat, and others ensuring their process of rebirth is far less painful.

The Ravenous

The First One

The First Rav due to the consequences of the curse is now permanently unable to blend into mortal life and society. His curse has turned him into a giant bat-like creature with features similar to a wolf. All Ravenous, if they frenzy hard enough, can tap into this savage nature, but for him, nature is on permanent display. Despite this, he is relatively civilized but must use human, and Ravenous proxies to fulfill duties he cannot do out in public. Generations since the first one the Rav have mastered the ability to control their appearance to maintain the illusion of being human.

The First Born

The nine sons and nine daughters are the firstborn of the Ravenous when it comes to the eighteen bloodlines of "pureblooded" Ravenous who can trace their ancestry to them. Every few centuries one of them comes out of their sleep to guide their race, and ensure it maintains the rules, and a course that has been set for them by their "father", but ultimately themselves as well.

The Bloodbrothers, and Bloodsisters
The first one chose seven worthy champions who came close to defeating him in their own ways to serve as his personal enforcers. They have the ability to appear as a human without fear of losing their cover during the sunlight. An oddity some suspect relates to their purpose as the personal enforcers of the Ravenous law, and society. Long ago an order of human priests out in the deserts of Judea came up with a device to restore the infected Ravenous by delivering a killing blow to the "first one". The priests were slain with only a few surviving, and the device is broken up between them for each to carry.

Their loyalty ensures no one has been able to convince any of them to betray the first one, and thus keep the device out of the hands of human hunters.

Biological understanding of the Ravenous

The Ravenous as a species isn't truly undead, but instead the human either willing or unwilling is drained of their blood almost entirely until they are near death. The Rav turning them will slowly infuse them with their own blood since it is poisonous, and can paralyze their victim. Too much of it will kill the potential "newborn" so Ravs slowly infuse it into them over the course of hours causing it to fuse with the old human blood. Many Ravenous will often turn the dying out of some old primal fear of death, but others will turn loved ones or families (for better or worse). The transformed newborn will spring back to life in a form of stasis providing them immortality that works so long as they supply their body with the cursed need for blood.

They can consume normal food in order to blend in with mortal society, and their sense of taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch are triple that of mortals. Ravenous often feel youthful and invigorated no matter the age of which they became immortal. A normal disease has no hold over the Ravenous, but certain powers can afflict them with types of diseases that can hurt them. The ravenous contain a pair of elongated canines that activate when feeding on others. Used to be it was a symbol of rape, but lately, it has been considered the same as lovemaking because the victim feels an intense sensation of euphoria. The throat, and arms are the favorite spot for feeding by Ravs, and in order to obey their laws no Rav feeds out in public.

Emotionally Ravenous also represent the worst of humanity with mortal love become lust, and ambition for a better life devolving to greed or envy in which they can, and will use murder to gain possessions or power. Their flaws are magnified to the point of mental illness in some Ravenous thus making it harder to maintain cover. Ravenous will fight to the death with others of their kind over losing a mortal lover due to the intense connection they feel with their mates. After the passing of the first mate (if ritually made), they cannot feel any true love for anyone within their kind. Ravenous in a bloodline will often ensure their entire families are turned so they can stay together forever due to their intense fear of death.

Ironically due to their condition, no Ravenous can breed with another so they must rely on mortal lovers, and followers to have children with. The children of these unions can typically live hundreds to thousands of years depending on how powerful the Ravenous is.

Dispatching them

There are many ways Ravenous can die, and often that includes by their own hands especially after an intense emotional loss. They will often conduct rituals to summon a waysider to purify them and be reborn. Death in the Ravenous community is looked down upon saving in the case of a loss of a friend, loved one, or higher up. Exorcists who descend from the order of priests out in the Judean deserts can be using a series of complex spells purge the corrupted blood and even reverse the transformation process entirely. In theory, this could allow the former Ravenous to live out a normal mortal life, and die normally if done right.

* The sun is not lethal to Ravs so much as they prefer the night as they are stronger in it.
* The moon used to bind them to constant shifts where they had to control their animal instincts (no longer applies).
* Garlic reportedly causes annoyance to a Ravenous sense of smell.
*Holy Water can burn a Ravenous of its corrupted blood from the inside, but cannot cure them of their curse.
*Religious symbols only work as a form of psychological trauma and aversion.
* Stakes in the heart paralyze them for a short time, and some use them to dispatch them by decapitation. After which the body must be burned in a purifying holy fire.
* Going feral gives Ravenous access to an incredibly powerful state, but also makes them easier to target if they aren't careful to keep it in check, and maintain their humanity.
* If a Ravenous begins killing people their mental state will start to degrade, and they will become feral. Stuck in a state where their hair is out, canines are elongated, and they have extended claws. Their obsessions will become borderline stalking, and violent if people get in the way. Eventually, they will get past the point of no return, and become completely feral stuck in a bat like state.
* Wounds gained when fighting another Ravenous in their bestial form take longer to heal, and blood won't be of much use if the wound is too grievous.

The Politics of Immortality

* The Single Drop, is a sect of religious ascetics who after becoming Ravs devote their lives to harmony on a single drop of blood. They choose to aid humanity by any means necessary and live in communes together. Once they do everything they believe they can then a waysider will be summoned to purify them.