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New Assembly Vote (13 November 2018)


Assembly Announcement


A proposal has been introduced to amend Article 7 of the LinkJudicial Act.

The debate thread can be found Linkhere, and the voting thread is Linkhere.

A motion and a second have been received to bring this amendment to a vote.

As this proposal is for an amendment to a general law, the voting period is three days and will require a simple majority to pass. The vote will end on 16 November, 2018, at 2:50 p.m. (UTC).

Note: Words highlighted in green indicates additions to the text. Contrastingly, words highlighted in red indicates subtractions.

(1) An appeal is a case for which the petitioner seeks to reverse or reevaluate a case that itself is not an appeal. An appeal may only be filed if there is no other open appeal for that case, and must be filed against the most recently adjudicated appeal, if one exists.

(2) An appeal may be filed by any member of the South Pacific or by any non-member with a vested interest in the case, for at least one of the reasons described in this article.

(2)(3) Appeals may only be submitted on grounds of process violations, contradictions of law, or judicial misconduct. For such an appeal, the assigned justice of the case being appealed is automatically recused from the appeal case.

(3) The assigned justice of the case being appealed is automatically recused from the appeal case.

(4) Appeals may be submitted upon submission of new evidence that a reasonable person considers grounds for reviewing the original opinion.

A reminder that to maintain Legislator Status, you must vote in at least half of the votes each month that there are two or more votes. (New legislators are exempt from votes they couldn't have been around for, of course.) Alternatively, if you have good reasons for absence, you may file a Linkleave of absence, or display other activity in the Assembly.