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Aroara, is a fairly gigantic island,with several smaller islands surrounding and with one major to the south.
Locations include: Heartbreak Bay, Greenside March, Limelight Bay, Raven Woods, Raven River, Rook Mountain, The Lushlands, The Bowl,
The Miniways, Archer Island, Titan Island, Frostbite Island, Icetip River, Rookside Island, River Island, Bright Islands, The Faraways, Crev Island.

Cities/Towns Include: Lightning City, Riverside, The Ruins, Mini City, Old Town, Ravenwood, Water Lily, Junglet Army Base, Archer City,
Snowpile City, Titan City, Crev Township, Rookside, Ravenside, Castle, Damlight City, Ravenport, New Brooker City, Dankwater City,
Hoymi Township, Farristown, Blackwin Town, Orchid Mining Town, Troutport, Tillman Point.