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The Coconut Press

TSP's Ministry of Regional Affairs is proud to announce... The Coconut Press! This is a Ministry-run newspaper which will run alongside (not replace) The Southern Journal. While TSJ is intended for in-depth analytical articles, The Coconut Press will be an outlet for pretty much any literary creativity that TSPers have to offer.

We're happy to take articles on any IRL or NS-based topic you find interesting. The point of The Coconut Press is to encourage as many people within the region to get involved showcasing their creative work. Don't feel like you have to write an article from scratch by yourself - any contribution is welcome, even if that is just suggesting ideas. If you want support writing an article, you can be sure to get it from the MoRA team! You can join our discord Linkhere or contact me personally if you want some help. Remember, this project is about being as inclusive as possible, and helping the wider TSP community take part in regional journalism.

If you have any ideas for articles, check out our planning document Linkhere. You can make suggestions and comments in the doc, on discord, or by telegram if you have something to say. Happy writing!

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