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Allegations Against Islam, Quran, Muhammad (saw) Refuted


Dear NSGers,

Given that on certain occasions, many NSGers have raised several objections against Islam, we have taken the liberty to answer each and every single allegation raised by various NSGers. We hope that this factbook will help any Muslim or non-Muslim find the information they are looking for. Especially in a time Islam is a hotly debated faith.



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List Of Allegations Against Islam, Quran, Muhammad (saw), etc. by NSGers Refuted

1. Does the Quran Contradict Itself #1: A response to Cuprum/Answering Islam, pt. 1

A response to Cuprum/Answering Islam, pt. 2

2. Did Muhammad (saw) falsely believe the Egyptians used crucifixion to execute criminals?

3. Did Muhammad (saw) command Muslims to kill all disbelievers until they embrace Islam?

4. Was Jizya used to compel non-Muslims to convert to Islam?

5. Debate With Vojelneit on the morality of Muhammad (saw) and the early Muslims (see the whole thing between us two to get both sides)

6. Did Muhammad (saw) condone terrorism?

7. Response to Yusseria's accusations that I was lying about Muslim terrorists and whether or not Islam had its modern age

8. Does The Quran Contradict Itself? #2

9. Is Slavery Still Applicable Today? Did Muhammad exist?