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South Pacifican Trivia Sprawl (SPTS) - Introduction

Welcome to the South Pacifican Trivia Sprawl!
Don't judge me. I call it an 'improvised title'.

In this weird little random contest thing, a group of contestants will head off to answer a series of trivia questions about completely random concepts and subjects. With each correctly answered question, the contestant gains one point. After three smaller contests where the candidates answer a list of questions, the points are tallied up and the winner gets... er... a sense of self-worth and some praise? I dunno. I'll have to come up with a prize!

Did my explanation make no sense whatsoever? I agree. Here's some tangible examples of how a round would work!

In this example, contestants A, B, C and D have entered the contest. Keep in mind the Trivia Sprawl probably won't only have four contestants by default.

Headoff 1:
A list of trivia questions (for the sake of explanation, we'll say four) is presented. The contestants telegram me the supposed answers and these are the results:
A = 4 points
B = 2 points
C = 3 points
D = 3 points

The points is a direct correlation to just how many questions the contestants answered correctly. A got them all right. What a smart cookie!

Headoff 2:
Another list (still four) of questions is presented and the contestants answer. Once the results are in, the points gained are added straight on.
A = 7 points
B = 4 points
C = 6 points
D = 7 points

Headoff 3:
As the final list is presented, the results show that A and D have tied.
A = 11 points
B = 6 points
C = 6 points
D = 11 points

Since there should only be one winner, A and D go head-to-head in a final showdown.

A = 14
D = 12

This means that A has won. Hooray!


You may be wondering how to enter the sprawl. Well, let's start with some basic minutiae:

The sprawl will always occur on the first Saturday of every month. This means today (when this dispatch was posted) is the due date for the first SPTS!

If you'd like to take part in the contest, simply just telegram me and let me know. There are no prerequisites, but this may change later on. The amount of contestants has to be over 2, but I'd imagine this should be easily achievable. Once all the contestants have been decided, they will be publicly announced to the RMB and then sent questions through telegram. Once the answers for the individual headoffs are in, the points will be shown on the RMB and the game will continue on until the winner is announced.

Good luck!

(Feel free to telegram me or ask me on the RMB any questions you have.)

Keep in mind this is just an experimental thing I've made due to my unending boredom. This dispatch is the introduction to the first contest, but it may not go through if public support isn't existent.