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by The Treangolist Realization of La Paz de Los Ricos. . 19 reads.

The Fluidity Accords (WIP)

The Fluidity Accords

Declaring Fluidity in Political Offices for the Treangolist Realization of
La Paz de Los Ricos

Authored by Kings Alejandro Désio Rámos del Sol V and Endrijo Mezikou de Castellios, Prime Minister Salvador Macannó, the Treangolist Parliament, and Others for the Benefit of the Citizens and Denizens of the Treangolist Realization of La Paz de Los Ricos, and Penned for the Viewing of the World Domain

Published on the Third of November, Two-Thousand-And-Eighteen


This Document has been Crafted in the Hoped that it Nay be Enacted upon the Ricano Government. However, it is Necessary for the new Treangolist Government to Pen these Accords in Order to Provide an Easy Method to Harbor Fluid Interchanges in the Ricano State, in the Events of Any and All Exchanges, Creations, or Abolishments of Ricano Offices.


These Accords are Intended to be Read and Understood by both the State and the Public, in the Event the State Fails its Responsibilities to the Public or the Self, or the Government is in some way, Unable to Fulfill its Responsibilities, or Some Alien Threat Incapacitates the State, or Any Other Event Neglected-to-Mention here Occurs.

Chapter 1 - When to Enact These Accords:

Article I - These accords may be Enacted by the Public if there is Ample Evidence to Support the Claims that the State can or is not Performing its Duties.

Subsection I - This May be Evident if the Government is Paralyzed, either from External or Internal Effects, and is acting against its own will.
Subsection II - This May be Evident if the Government purposefully Diverts from the Political and Moral Expectations of the People, and is Intentionally Damaging the Public

Article II - These Accords will and must be Enacted During any Transitions in Elected Offices, or During the Creation of any New Offices, Elected and Not Elected.

Subsection I - During the Transition of Elected Officers, the Officer Vacating must be either Re-placed in a Minimum of Ten-and-Two (12) Months, or be Reinstated, otherwise, the Office shall be Declared Void, either being Paralyzed Indefinitely or Being Dissolved.