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Regional Lore [Sci-Fi]


In the year 2156, Earth and her colonies faced extinction. A wave of what was known as 'the Plague' was sweeping across their sector, and intergalactic help was not to be expected until after 'the Plague' was through with the Sol system. Although named as a disease, this was no pathogen and was more akin to pure wrath, incarnated in flesh. The Plague was a species that thrived on destruction, spreading from populated system to system in order to consume all life on them, then move to the next.

With no aid on its way, Earth; united even between planets, launched a final escapade. Over a thousand colony ships were to be sent out into the void, towards what were hoped to be habitable planets, although everyone knew many would not even reach a surface on which to colonize. Each colony ship held an incubation chamber on which to genetically create a new species that could survive whatever surface conditions lay at hand, and a population that could sustain itself through a thousand generations on the ships. The plan was to land, alter the specimens to that which could both breed with normal humans, and survive the surface conditions.

Through its best efforts, only 793 of the planned 1250 were launched before the arrival of the Plague, and less than 200 landed on planets that would be able to sustain their plans. After the launch, too late to stop the Plague from destroying the rest of humanity that lay on Earth, intergalactic fleets scourged the entirety of the Sol system, wiping any remaining life, from bacteria to human, leaving the sol system a dead zone, and humanities fate to be left to the stars.