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RP Rules and Regulations [Sci-Fi]

RP Rules and Regulations

Getting Started

You pick a single star system, and a moderator will roll 4d2+1 (minimum of 5, maximum of 9) to decide how many planets you have.

After deciding number of planets, a d12 will be rolled for each planet to determine the type of planets the nation has. The order in which the planets are arranged, in which they orbit, etc, will be up to the player, but the type of planet will be determined by a roll.

Some of these planets will be vault inhabited, (indicated by a "[V]"), and should follow the guidelines in the Tech factbook

If a moderator determines that a planet roll is unfair; ex, mostly uninhabitable planets, they may reroll the planets again for a player if the player requests so.

You will start with four tech points off the bat.

The planets available are as followed and labeled

1 - Ocean Planet: This is a planet with a high liquid content, which does not have to be water, but must not be a molten substance. There is little to no land, and most, if not all, of the species here will be avian or aquatic.

2 - Earth-like Planet [V]: This is a planet with agreeable gravity, its own ecosystem, and a large enough water content to sustain life.

3 - Arid Highlands [V]: This is a planet with little moisture, but with enough of an atmosphere to potentially sustain life. Often barren landscape, and can be either extremely cold or extremely hot.

4 - Proximity Planet: This is a planet that is too close to the sun to sustain life on the surface, but may sustain life underground through massive underground liquid oceans.

5 - Frozen Planet [V]: This is a planet where it had a high frozen liquid content and some form of atmosphere, but is too far away from the sun to sustain liquid on the surface. Liquid may be below the surface.

6 - Crystalline Planet: This is a planet where the hot magma that formed the planet was cooled slowly, and resulted in the entire planet being a crystalline substance.

7 - Earth-like Planet [V]: This is a planet with agreeable gravity, its own ecosystem, and a large enough water content to sustain life.

8 - Volcanic Planet: This is an earth-like planet with temperatures and climate that are volcanic in nature, with limited sustainability of life, and rare amounts of liquid water.

9 - Earth-like Planet [V]: This is a planet with agreeable gravity, its own ecosystem, and a large enough water content to sustain life.

10 - Inert Planet: This is a planet that has cooled and is mostly used for mining operations, due to the large mineral and metal resource content.

11 - Warm Gas Planet: This is a gas planet with temperatures and pressures that can easily shred, melt, or pop crafts that go into them. However, the pressure has developed valuable resources within the atmosphere that can be extracted with mining rigs.

12 - Cold Gas Planet: This is a gas planet with temperatures and pressures that are not as harsh, but still challenging to maintain any sort of establishment or base. There are still resources to be had, and the presence of liquid-frozen water can merit some forms of microscopic life.

General RP Rules.

1. All technology and innovations must be in a factbook, or it doesn't exist.

2. All technology that's unlocked cannot be shared with other nations that have not unlocked this technology. It can, however, be sold as a physical entity (ex; selling weapons). These products cannot be studied by the purchaser to unlock information about how the technology works.

3. Even though you can vassalize other nations, upon vassalization, 3/4ths (Minimum 1 remaining if they have less than 6 vaults) of their vaults are rendered useless, to maintain balance in the tech tree.

4. Non-humans are permitted, but must follow the guidelines listed here.

5. Metagaming, which is the use of outside/not in character information to influence RP, is strictly prohibited.

6. Godmodding, (The act of creating an unfair advantage by ignoring actions of other players, by instantly annexing other nations and other such activities) is strictly prohibited.

7. One line RPs, or RPs that clearly have no effort put into them, are not permitted, as they degrade the overall value of the regional RP, and provide no constructive input into the roleplay meta.

8. Puppet nations are strictly prohibited on the map, unless granted explicit permission from the founder.

9. Member nations are required to RP at least once a month in order to stay on the map.

10. It's mandatory to tag at least one of the moderators in each RP post

11. Although we are in the spacefaring age, spacecraft are still expensive and losing one is a heavy loss. Until a nation hits higher level of tech, doing a 'china' strategy of mass producing low quality ships will not work.

Map Rules

When discovering or conquering a new star system, the same rolls as made for claiming on the map will be used to determine the contents of the new system.

Conquering a new star system will have to be RPed out, and is not an automatic process of "We begin invading and conquering this new system", it will take time and effort to conquer entirely new planets, especially with the potential for there to be sentient resistance on these planets.

The Cartographer is picked on a by-need basis, by the moderators, the imperators, or the founder. The Cartographer is given access to the Amnesty cartographer account and is required to update the map at least once a week when a claim is made or an annexation is RPed.


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