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yo who tf made this nation

    From some disgruntled Maoist, who should be studying, but wastes time on this site instead!

"PAS is a political creepypasta, my bittersweet lucid dream for Asia."
-- PAS, 2018

LinkOOC me (i.e, this entire dispatch) in a nutshell



Personal Details


Filipino (and proud!)


Straight Brown Male


5'7 (2018)



Relationship Status:

Single af.


Liberation Theologist

MBTI Classification:



Most people call me "PAS" or "Pan-Asia".




Okay boys and girls. Let's get into the thick of the bandwagon. If you're coming from an F7 Thread that requires you to guess/discern OOC me, please don't cheat. That kind of takes away the fun of it. Feel free to telegram me, or contact through Linkmy Region's Discord, which is open to everyone (well, everyone willing to follow our rules, that is).

Also, please don't do random declarations of war without my knowledge. I will not acknowledge it if you do. You are free to ask me if you can, and I just might allow it. You may also invite me to your RP, however wacky it may be. But in all these cases, I don't have the obligation to join you. But it's still very likely that I will.

Starving commie "jokes" are getting old. If you're doing it on F7, that's just being an ass.

Anyway, so, contrary to popular belief, I am indeed a human person. I'm a political animal on NationStates, but that's NS. I'm more timid, nicer, and liberal in real life. I know my views on Eugenics and economics and whatnot can be horrendous, and if you're plotting to bait me, please don't confuse in-game me and real-life me. I WILL respect and tolerate your political, religious, and whatnot beliefs. Just don't rub it in my face. I'm on here for the fun of it. Don't take that away from me.

My Life and Why I'm Avidly Political

I've lived in Metro Manila all my life, and I haven't moved around the area that much. My family started out dirt poor, but now I'm relatively comfortable. My great-grandfather was a guerilla sniper during the Filipino-American War and didn't receive much, my grandfather was a sailor for several private corporations- who used to smuggle and sell beer into American camps during the Vietnamese War. The Americans would give him their guns, and he'd sell the guns to the Vietnamese. He used that money to raise a big family, and some of his cousins inherited some of his wealth. And then those cousins used that money to join the LinkNew People's Army. Yikes. Funny to think I would've inherited that wealth in turn. So, yes, I'm a "Victim of Communism". :P

I grew up with a mega-right conservative father, and my mother is somewhat Liberal-Left. Both of them protested to bring down Ferdinand Marcos during the LinkEDSA Revolution. They had marital problems for reasons I won't disclose, and now they've separated. I live with my mom now, but I'm still in touch with my dad.

This kind of affects my political views a lot, and why I can't really let go of my social conservatism, even as a Maoist. If you aren't a Filipino, you have to understand that most of Filipino Leftism actually stems from a strong sense of national pride and anti-colonialism. Capitalism is usually blamed for the Americanization of Filipino Culture, which seems to be collecting dust despite its vast domain. My Left-leaning truly stems from an even stronger distraught of having been born in such a degraded, poor, and unpopular country. So really, any attempts to bait me out of my leanings is a pretty futile "Let them eat cake!".

I'm not saying I'm all for killing in the name of PAS' policies though. I think the best way to correlate OOC me and IC me is that OOC me wants policies somewhat in the direction of the PAS.

If you're familiar with Plato's Theory of the Forms, PAS is the Form, and my views are the manifestation.

Political Views

Economics and Government Structure

Real life me is struggling to experiment with Liberal Democratic Capitalism *cough cough* Socialism With Chinese Characteristics. Socialism is Workplace Democracy, ergo the ultimate democracy there is. Just because I'm Auth-Left doesn't mean I'm anti-democratic. Socialism is when the workers have full autonomy over who gets what for what. In comparison, Capitalist wage-slavery gives everyone equal wages even though some are more deserving than others. Under Socialism, exploitation of surplus value, ergo, having free power just because your dad owns the company; is abolished. And workers get to decide democratically who contributed more to the final product, and thus, should be awarded a higher wage and/or position in the company. We'll vote for CEOs, we'll own capital-- the factory and its components, rather than personal property as is usually thought of when one thinks of Socialism, collectively. That means, more democracy.

As for the Authoritarian part, it's mostly for the status quo of indigenous property in the Philippines. We have one corporation in dictatorial control of our Northern electricity, among other things. Lasseiz-Faire is giving the economy a rough time at letting small businesses challenge them. The economy should serve the people, not the people serving the economy. Businesses aren't bad if they're democratic, like a co-operative.

Basically, it's not that I'm a revisionist or even an Orthodox Marxist. I think that the revolution isn't a one-to-one thing, and it has to be constant through social change. The Filipino people are already starving. First we fill their bellies, then we fill their minds with Socialist learning. That's basically what China's doing as well. Technically, China isn't Socialism, but through the New Democracy, when their people deem that their economy is autarkic enough, they can begin the path to Socialism once more. Socialism is a transformative process that has to be studied, over and over again. It isn't easy, and even I'm no expert. We are all still learning.

I also believe that Socialist leaders are the most moral leaders history has ever seen. Yes, they aren't perfect; but their applications of Socialism are crucial for our modern understanding of the economy. For example, Stalin's Economic Problems of the USSR is practically the foundation for modern industrialization. What Capitalist countries achieved in a century was achieved in 20-30 years by the USSR.

Oh, and I'm Anti-Globalist. I don't think we'll be able to abolish national borders one day, and the importation of skilled workers has left the Philippines crippled, especially for white-collar jobs. I believe in a well-built, self-sufficient economy, like China's. Politically, I think we need supranational unions, again, like China: where multiple culturally diverse autonomous regions co-exist under a national banner that promotes trade and industry

Oh also, heh, me joking about wanting China to annex the Philippines has some truth to it. I'm sick and tired of our native politicians. #XiIsMyPresident #SinkMalacanangIntoTheRiver

(jk lang po Ph Gov.. Don't tokhang me.. yet)

Liberal Nationalist in the sheets, hardcore Maoist on the streets!

Civil Rights

Even so, my views on Civil Rights remains rather unprogressive. I'm usually against the Feminist and Gay Rights movement, which is not very common for a Leftist. Not that I'm a misogynist or a homophobe, but I just don't like some of the anti-essentialist policies they're promulgating. Specifically, intersectionality. I still believe that women should be encouraged to be feminine, that is to say, make children for the State to grow; and men to be masculine, that is to say, be a breadwinner in every household. I don't think the Lib-Left has considered the long-term standing effects of the liberties they want. Not saying being gay should be something to be discriminated for, but I am saying that struggling to go against your gender-role should be discouraged by economics. Otherwise, states like Japan would just die-out. Essentialism is essential.

Another grudge I hold against Feminism is that it's becoming a point of focus greater than helping the marginalized. Your average Juan Dela Cruz (John Doe, for certain breakaway British colonies) won't care about any of this until his hunger is fulfilled.

I'm all for respecting the LGBTQIAP+ community though.

I just don't want homosexuality to be the norm, especially among kids, since I've seen a lot of my Homo friends agitating sexually inappropriate matters with children. But, I will fight to the death to protect the community from people who would want to commit genocide entirely, or from people who would actively pursue hate-crimes.

Also, quick side-note, if you're a Civil Rights activist, do know that you can't make everything legal. That's absolute determinism, and it's just as bad as absolute legalism. I think we need to guard against that as well.

Political Freedom

I'm all for it, but not giving Nazis a platform is justified. Why? Well, imagine Democracy. We want Democracy to exist, and say it currently exists. Some people use Democracy to want Democracy not to exist. If we let those people exist, it isn't oxymoronic- we just want Democracy to exist, because it won't if they use it against us. We don't accuse our body for murder by letting it remove viruses and bacteria. Being pro-genocide and being anti-Genocide is a black-and-white matter. Same goes with being anti-Democracy and being pro-Democracy. If you want it not to exist, you shouldn't exist. Plain and simple. There are things beyond the political spectrum that are beyond debate, established beliefs of every society. Like the earth being flat, or being a nice person.


Ze Guitar

I am a moderately decent guitarist. I play the Electric Guitar, and I used to have an acoustic one, but it recently broke. I can do bar-chords pretty easily, but I'm lazy at learning tabs. No, I can't read sheet music. I self-studied (with maybe just a bit of paid tutorial).

(British Parliament) Debate

I'm a member of my school's Debate Club, and I'm decently good at what I do. Favorite speaker roles have got to be Member/Deputy. They're in the thick of the debate, and I get cold feet when I do PM. I can't whip. Oof.

Debate has kind of forced me to be a centrist, since you're given a motion and a pre-selected stance/speaker role. I have indeed defended Capitalism on multiple occasions, which is why I am able to respect your political beliefs. I get Capitalism, but only as a friend, sorry.

Never done a debate outside of BP. And there are a lot better debaters out there than me. I have my idols and mentors.


Not a very well-known fact about me, certainly one you couldn't have guessed. I am absolutely in love with plays and musicals. I've written short plays before for school. But Broadway entices me like it does with every other 21st Century kid who discovers Hamilton, Heathers, and Be More Chill. However, I'm not as toxic as... uh... the rest of the fanbase is.

I will probably quote songs if given the opportunity. I can be LinkNON-STOP!


Speaking of cinema, I've done several non-profit indie films. No, I can't link them. I like to remain anonymous online. But let's just say I have experience as a director.

Here are my favorite movies though. 2 and 4 are on Netflix. I've linked a copy of the first one:

    1. LinkEl Presidente (2010) - Not a very good movie cinematography-wise, but it has a special place in my heart. Also, it has English subtitles, together with the pirated copy I've linked to the name.

    2. Metro Manila - A very good indie film depicting proletarians and the urban poor in the capital. There's a plot twist at the end, and it really sells you the question of morality.

    3. Money Monster - A George Clooney movie about an economics TV Show, and the flaws of Capitalism. 10/10, would watch again and again.

    4. The Road to Calvary - Okay, not a movie, a series. I absolutely adore Tolstoy, despite him being a Tsarist. The thing is actually "anti-communist", as the book it's based on is, but that doesn't bother me. Absolute rollercoaster.

    5. Across the Universe - A Vietnam War movie about the homefront featuring Beatles songs. It's very, very well-done; and there are so many plot-twists that really characterize the era.

    Honorable Mention: Koi to Uso (Love and Lies), which is an anime. Whilst I'm not usually a "weaboo" (well, not anymore), this one caught my eye. I based the Igarashi System off it. I'm... sort of for it. If the pragmatics weren't hell... God...

    (pls no spam me with telegrams saying how horrible of a person I am... I know)

    Another Honorable Mention is Man in the High Castle. Strong start, and I quickly fell in love with the alternate history of the world they made.

Writing, Reading, and Being a History Buff

This should have been obvious, but among scripts, I've also written unpublished poems and short stories. I'm scared of others stealing my work, so I won't put them here either. I love reading, especially dystopian science fiction, and historical dramas/documentaries.

Best Books:

P.S, I'm reading War and Peace, so I can't put it on the list until I've finished it. Still exploring Russian Lit too. I found a 300-Peso copy of it. Unabridged. That's like, 6 USD.

    1. The Death of Ivan Ilyich - A short story by Tolstoy, and it's great. Everyone should read it. It's literally just about a dude and his will to live. Short but sweet.

    2. Brave New World - Eugenics, Fascism Xtreme, Caste Systems! Oh my! This is the kind of world I see the Feminists/ Social Progressives running. Worth every penny.

    3. Crisis in the Pacific - A chronicle (the best chronicle, for that matter) about the Pacific Front during WW2, which is my primary source for which I built PAS' alternate history upon.


  • I actually do have a housepet named Hans. He's a toy poodle, and he's around a year old.

  • I know Fardhin IRL. We're schoolmates. He's a year older than me.

  • Israelites are committing atrocities, the Nazis have committed atrocities. We have to focus on striking-down those who are in the process of committing crimes, rather than those who already have, but are less likely to commit them again.

  • My life is more mundane than how I describe it. That's why I'm on NS. I have very few IRL friends. Haheee.

  • Very rarely do I play games. But when I do, it's Civ or Company of Heroes. And Tropico 5.

  • Karen took the kids.


A gender-bender drawing of me by a friend.