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October 2018 Local Council Election

Here is the timetable and information about the October 2018 LC election

As per

Prior to the opening of the first voting period of the LC election, there will be a period of 4 days where residents can nominate candidates, and candidates can accept nominations, which will commence after a region-wide telegram sent by the Election Commissioner. This will be followed by 4 days where candidates can accept nominations, and can campaign, which will commence after the Election Commissioner has notified every nation that has been nominated

of the LC laws:

Nominations: 26th Oct 12PM BST - 30th Oct 12PM GMT
Nominations/campaigning: 30th Oct 12PM GMT - 3rd Nov 12PM GMT
Voting: Commences 3rd Nov 12PM GMT. Each of the 3 voting periods lasts exactly 3 days.

DISCLAIMER: I have a full time job, so I probably won't be able to stick to this timetable rigidly, but I'll be as close as I can.

Candidates and Campaigns

Official candidates:


Conflict of Interest



I have no affiliations with any region other than TSP and my puppet storage region, Owl World.
All nations available upon request.



I'm just active here



Legislator in TSP

No affiliations in other regions

Ghost-Yokai Katana, S-Rank Sushi chef, Folding Screen, RMB Ninja, Language Designer, 1-Day Milkman, Gadgets Creator, and Defender of the RMB



No other nations, no current positions. Always a member of TSP.



I used to run a puppet storage region. I am looking towards possibly founding a region in the near future if I get elected LC. I have puppets which are all themed things such as “upperclasswoman” and “underclassman” and things like that. All puppets. None of them have an officer position in any region. I just mostly use them for stats and WA rankings kind of like PS2 and his puppets. Some dude from TNP stole my puppet storage region


Winpozia - removed from election due to not filing COI disclosure

North Prarie

Main Nation-North Prarie
Other nations-All puppets have currently CTEd, but will provide lists upon request.
Atlantian Oceania
Others I forgot
Other Positions:
TSP Legislator, TSP ambassador to Spiritus, TSP MoRA Advisory Council (former), TSP MoFA Team (former), Chairman of Island Democratic Party


Commonwealth Of Astoria

I don't have any conflict I have no other nations only Commonwealth of Astoria. The only other region I had any amount of anything in was the East Pacific.

Effectively what I am running on are the following!

1. 10 years of experience in nation-states including small government jobs in East Pacific.
2. I have the largest active military force with only pencil being able to rival my armed forces, I want nothing more than to ensure the safety of this region from internal and external threats and will analyze and lobby for actions to be taken against any potential threat.
3. I am active, I post daily, keep tabs on events, news and happenings.

4. I intend to make sure that under all circumstances the South Pacific stays clean, safe and inviting. I do not tolerate intentional disrespect and or bullying. And will be active in making sure that everyone feels invited.

New Haudenosaunee Confederacy

Main Nation: New Haudenosaunee Confederacy
Other Nations: Available in this dispatch
Current Positions: None (unless Craziest in TSP counts as a position)
Former Roles: Former resident of TNP. I did use to have my own region, although I never actually started much of a government there. Can give further detail if needed.


Concrete Slab

I have Totally Not An Artificial Furry who is just a member of TSP and The Western Concrete Slabian Isles, who is a moderator in Psomewhere.


The Solar System Scope

Current World Assembly Nation: The Solar System Scope
All past and present aliases used: The Solar System Scope, The solar system scope of tsp (CTE), The doctor who tsss (CTE), Unified telescopes (CTE, ex-WA), Classical music of mozart and beethoven (CTE), The Sun Scope, The Mercury Scope, The Venus Scope, The Earth Scope, The Moon Scope, The Mars Scope, The Ceres Scope, The Pallas Scope, The Juno Scope, The Vesta Scope, The Jupiter Scope, The Saturn Scope, The Uranus Scope, The Neptune Scope, The Chibi Moon Scope, The Hubble Space Telescope.

All past and present involvement in other regions and organizations: the South Pacific (TSSS), NationStates Astronomical Society (UT), Musical Experience (CTE, CMMB), TSP Official Regional Games, South Pacific Regional Games, South Pacific Ejection Games, South Pacific Ejection Contest, The East Pacific, the Pacific, The North Pacific, the West Pacific, Lazarus, Osiris, Balder, Forest, 10000 Islands, Conch Kingdom, The Union of Democratic States, Europe, Europeia.

All current positions held across NationStates: TSP citizen, TSP legislator, Local Councillor, Advisory Council (MoRA), Ambassador to TEP (MoFA), The Lord of Space and Protector of the TARDIS Keys and Bearer of the Sonic Screwdriver (Lampshade Cabinet).



Positions in Other Regions - None

Puppet Nations - Not Auphelia, Puddles the Puppy, Other?



all of my alternate accounts, like Ronire and Jimmy wales wikipedia founder, were nations created as part of a TSP RP joke or something.

However, by now, all of my alternate accounts have ceased to exist, so my only (active) nation is Techolandia.


New Gangweed

not affilated with any other countries


I, Beepee, being of sound mind and body (at least as sound as it's ever going to be) hereby declare:

  • I am a member of the Legislator Assembly within the South Pacific and I am a member of MoRA and MoFA.

  • I am a member of the World Assembly.

  • I am the current South Pacific Ambassador to LCRUA.

  • I have no affiliations with any other region.

  • I have 3 Puppets, which don't do much except exist for my RP.

  • I am also available on discord.

  • I swear to uphold the values and principles of the South Pacific.


The Sakhalinsk Empire

Overall, no important positions except for Vice Delegate and Minister of Regional Affairs in a dead region (respects for Union of Mixed Beliefs) and an Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister in Westphalia a long time ago.



I am affiliated with The East Pacific and I still have connections to The United Federations yet I can only communicate with them through the Federal War Union Discord server.

Coalition of Longitude

all of my old puppets that I made for the card minigame are long gone, and I haven't made any since. I don't have any ties to other regions either, they all are inferior to the great south pacific

UPDATE: I have a WA puppet now in TSP called Coalition of latitude


Midand - Declined
Deutschrumaenien - Declined
Si-topia - Declined

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me via telegram, or mention me on the Regional Message Board.