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by The Holy Thing of New Haudenosaunee Confederacy. . 37 reads.


(Note: I strongly recommend you view the webpage version of my campaign as it has better graphics and includes questions and answers. LinkView here.)

íHola! I'm the NHC. You may have heard of me as that guy who calls himself a nerd, that guy that tried to condemn himself, or maybe that guy who does Southern Daily News. Well, I'm all of those things. I've done quite a bit of rather notable things as well:
1. SPSF Reservist*
2. Writer of Southern Daily News
3. LinkWinner of the Craziest in TSP election (well, kinda)
*Sometimes I participate in update operations
I'm an active member of the RMB as well, and, because I write Southern Daily News, I read every RMB post.

To be completely honest, the previous LC didn't really do much. The only person trying to actually get things done was PS2. Other than that it was just suppressing posts, and there was still a lot of unsuppressed posts that really should've been suppressed.
My goal as LC would to be to actually get things done. The obvious thing is to have a new RMB etiquette dispatch. I'm not saying that Midand's dispatch sucks, but using regional polls to vote on new etiquette would be nice, similar to what PS2 did during the previous term.
While polls for RMB etiquette would happen, there would also be more fun polls, although I'd be willing to delete my own polls if a lot of people were to tell me it's boring. I would also do RMB games, such as trivia.
As an LC, I would also continue Southern Daily News. If I'm not elected, I'd still continue Southern Daily News. As you can tell, I really like summarizing the RMB.


Main Nation: New Haudenosaunee Confederacy
Other Nations: Available in this dispatch
Current Positions: None (unless Craziest in TSP counts as a position)
Former Roles: Former resident of TNP. I did use to have my own region, although I never actually started much of a government there. Can give further detail if needed.